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Oct 1, 2013 05:13 AM

Source for fresh rabbit in Baltimore County?

I know that I can find D'Artagnan fresh rabbit at Wegman's (for a small fortune), but was wondering if anyone knew of local sources in Balto. Co. Northern is preferred, as we're 8 miles shy of the PA line.


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  1. Can't help you in the county, but I believe I have seen rabbit at Lexington Market in the past.

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    1. Two years ago when I was looking for rabbit, I was going to order one here:
      They are frozen.
      I ended up at Wegman's and bought one frozen.
      I know they are not local but I believe H Mart may also sell rabbit -- frozen.

      1. I saw a meat vendor at 32nd St. Farmer's Market (Charles Village) that carried fresh non-frozen rabbit more than a couple of months ago. Will try to report back if I see it on my next visit.

        1. Faidley's? That wasn't marsh rabbit was it?

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          1. Spoke to a Liberty Delight Farm purveyor at the 32nd St. market past Saturday. They usually have frozen ones but best if you call ahead for it to be picked up.

            When asked, she also said that I should be able to get a fresh one on request +/- entrails and that she will get back to me this week on logistics of this. Anyone interested let me know via email on my profile.