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Oct 1, 2013 04:48 AM

Phoenix Airport Marriott Dinner Rec's

I'm staying one night at the Marriott near the airport and looking for some good dinner recommendations. I'll have a car but would prefer to keep my driving to under 10-15 minutes. I'll be dining solo so would prefer to eat at the bar, possibly a steak house or really anything interesting and preferably not a chain and price isn't an issue. Not a picky eater and willing to try anything. Any recommendations would be welcome!

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  1. FYI Last time I was in phoenix I had a great meal at the Blue Hound, but would like to try a different place

    1. Durants. .one of the oldest and best steakhouses in downtown PHX..
      Love eating in the bar and they still serve the beloved chilled relish tray. .make an excellent cocktail too.

      1. Durant's, as mentioned above, is usually very good. Although lately, I've experienced some hiccups and inconsistency from their kitchen. Service and drinks have always been excellent.
        Up the street and around the corner from your hotel on Washington is another steakhouse - Stockyards. It's a pretty solid steakhouse with a different sort of character than Durants. They have a lounge/bar with both bar and table seating that is appropriate for solo dining.
        I highly recommend NOCA. They have a counter right in front of the kitchen that is ideal when dining by yourself. They also have a bar off to the side if you are looking for something that isn't in the middle of the action.

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          Thanks for the recs. NOCA looks interesting, how tough would it be to get a seat in front of the kitchen or at the bar on a typical Thursday night? I was also looking at Tarbell's, any thoughts?

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            I've only had an issue getting a seat in front of the kitchen at NOCA once - that was during a restaurant week promotion when they were fully booked. They sat me at the bar that time - which is a kind of dark and off to the corner. I'd recommend the kitchen seat. You may be able to call ahead for a reservation if you have an idea of when you'd arrive.

            Tarbell's is also excellent. I only get over there about once a year. Not because the food is inferior, but because it's quieter, darker, and seems a bit more formal (even though it isn't really). Dining on your own might not be as comfortable as at NOCA.

            Also check out Christopher's at the Biltmore (about a mile from NOCA/Tarbell's). Award winning chef with supurb French food in a great space. I don't think he gets a lot of attention on the boards, but is certainly deserving of it. Great seating right in front of the kitchen ideal for solo dining and I've never had trouble getting a seat there.

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              NOCA is great but is closed until November 1.