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Oct 1, 2013 04:16 AM

Weight Watcher's Foodies -- The Oktober Non-fest Edition - October 2013

So here we go! A new month, and new resolutions for those of us who have had disappointing results last month (my hand is in the air).

We're all in this together, so what have you cooked to make this journey more delicious?

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  1. I finally took the leap and tried spaghetti squash last week. I've been working for a local produce company for two and half years, so this is my third autumn with easy access to it.... Everyone raves about it (both at work and at WW meetings) but I've always been terrified. "It's a SQUASH! How can it compete with my beloved pasta?!"

    Well, I made Skinnytaste's spaghetti squash lasagna, and I approved. And so did my skeptical boyfriend, so bonus! He wants me to put meat it in next time, though.

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    1. re: Kontxesi

      Thank you for reminding me of Skinnytaste! Lots of good recipes there and I need to re-visit it soon.

    2. thanks for this section of the HC board. I am just starting back at WW after 5+ years away. I have a couple old tried and true WW recipes (sesame chix is a fave) but find I need more inspiration....where to find it? here I hope!
      Thanks again!

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      1. re: momoftwo

        Can you give us the sesame chicken recipe? That's sounds as if it would be a good addition to the WW repertory. There are many great ideas on past months too, if you have the time to go back to the old threads.

        1. re: roxlet

          sure, I'll post later, its at home...

      2. turkey meatballs have been on the menu lately. italian-ish and vietnamese-ish.

        tonight is a takeout tonight recipe. chicken stirfry of sorts.

        soon will be turkey chili

        1. I made this Honey BBQ Turkey Meatloaf tonight but I used ground chicken breast instead of turkey; we just prefer ground chicken.


          I doubled the recipe and while it was cooking I used the "recipe builder" tool on the WW site to see how many points it was. The way I figured it out, it came out to 7 pts. per piece. A bit high, I thought, because I was having a baked potato with it too so it sort of came out to more total points than I like to use for dinner. I think I will make it again at some point but cut back on certain things to take it down a little in points (less panko and bbq sauce). Every point counts!

          Anyway, much to my surprise, my picky, picky 7 year old son and my husband both liked it....and I have to admit that for a moment as I was making it I even thought that we might have to order a pizza!

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          1. re: valerie

            Well, that's a complete win, IMO!

            1. re: valerie

              Sounds like a keeper - tweak it a bit to lighten the points and into the rotation it goes :) I am not a huge fan of meatloaf but will take a close look at the recipe you posted.

              1. re: herby

                I am certainly not trying to convince you to make this, but I will say that my husband has always run away screaming at any mention of the word meatloaf! But for some reason he was open to trying this one (I think because he loves BBQ sauce). There is (almost) nothing more irritating than when I make dinner for my family and it gets rejected, so I ran it by my husband before I made it and he was willing to give it a try. I was actually quite surprised when he asked for more.

                1. re: valerie

                  Valerie, any good tasting recipe that is low in points (or at least reasonable!) is worth trying and I am glad that you brought it to my attention.

                  I have a friend over for lunch tomorrow; making honey-baked chicken and quinoa with zucchini and onions from River Cottage Veg book; maybe some fresh cut-up veggies as a side - she is not a salad lover. Not too points friendly but it could be - I have not yet counted them up.

                  1. re: herby

                    Anything can be points friendly if you control the portions...

                    1. re: roxlet

                      That's the hard part, though! ;)

                      1. re: Kontxesi

                        Yes, you're right. I have problems with this when my husband cooks. Sometimes you just want to eat a bit more, but when things are points heavy, you can't. That's when I get into trouble!

                        I also think that if you can control things like the carbs and fats in a dish, then you can make it more points friendly.

                        1. re: roxlet

                          Portion control is the biggest problem, particularly for me when something isn't a definitive portion, like 1 piece of chicken or 1 hamburger. I wouldn't have a second hamburger.

                          One thing that I have learned is that I like to eat a decent size portion of something which is why I prefer to have something low in points so I can eat more of it. I am not good at eating something indulgent (eggplant parmesan comes to mind!) and only having tiny piece. I'd rather not have it at all...

            2. With the exception of our party Saturday night I haven't eaten at home since my weigh-in last Thursday. So no cooking. And a difficult week overall(i've been at a conference this week). I've been trying to rack up the activity points to balance all the non home cooked food...but will be happy to maintain Thursday night.

              If I were going to cook tonight I'd really want some fish and braised greens. I eat a lot of braised greens - they go iwth everything, taste great, are high in nutrients and low in points.

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              1. re: ziggylu

                I wish I liked braised greens :(

                1. re: roxlet

                  My DH didn't like greens when I met him. He loves them now, probably by osmosis. At first he only liked chard and I'd make it with raisins, almonds and paprika. Now he loves the really bitter ones including dandelions too. I do them several different ways - sometimes spicy, sometimes with chicken broth, sometimes in tomatoes....

                  1. re: ziggylu

                    I grew up on all manners of greens, which were the bane of my childhood. I seem to have very developed taste buds for bitter tastes, and even mildly bitter things can really get to me. I don't mind a little kale in a soup or uncooked in a salad, but I could never eat a whole dish of braised kale, or spinach, or broccoli rabe, or escarole, or, or, or...

                    1. re: roxlet

                      Roxlet, I'm the same way. It's also a texture thing for me. I don't like any kind of cooked greens, lettuce, or cabbage.