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Oct 1, 2013 02:10 AM

old butcher in shop outside twin cities star tribune

There was an article about an ld butcher who ran an old fashioned butcher shop I think in some other town,

Does anyone remember this...

If he is still alive I would love to find his shop.

I am looking for a wet cured uncooked ham. Not easy to find.Help! and thanks.

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  1. I meant to say old not ld.

    1. The Pioneer Press did a story on a butcher who now goes once a week to his old shop on Western, south of Maryland, in St. Paul. I pass that butcher shop now and then, but forgot the name of it. They have a sign out for homemade sauerkraut and for Heggis (??) pizza. That heggis. Some brand name.

      Would that be what you're thinking of?

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        That is Stasny's. The older gentleman was in the paper, formerly butchering up in Brooklyn Park I believe.