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Oct 1, 2013 12:47 AM

Seafood Tower

I am planning a trip that will take me through Seattle for a couple of days in December, and I am looking for the best seafood tower or platter that is under $60 (or in that ballpark). All of the touristy seafood restaurants seem to have mixed reviews. What would you recommend?

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  1. I would recommend avoiding the concept of a "tower or platter," and just seeking out fresh local seafood in the context of a chef who is doing good preparations, That can mean a seafood centered restaurant like Blueacre, Seastar, Etta's, Steelhead Diner, or seafood entrees at almost any strong restaurant in the city.

    The "platter" concept tends to align with "touristy" and is really limited to the "Crab Pot" at the waterfront, unless there are other places I am forgetting.

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      +1. I've never actually even seen a seafood tower--it's not something a good restaurant would have. We've had lots of threads about seafood, oysters, etc, so you should be able to find good recs. Any good Seattle restauant will have good seafood.

    2. I agree with Gizmo and Christy.

      Still, I will note that I was taken to dinner at Palisade a few months ago and they have a "seafood tower" on their menu that is around $60. We didn't have it, so I can't speak to its quality. But although the restaurant is part of a chain, I was happy enough with our experience there. The food wasn't outstanding but it was solid, the service was good, and the view was lovely. One could do worse when it comes to touristy restaurants, I think.

      1. Seastar in Seattle has a Shellstock Seafood bowl for $70 or a Seastar Tower for $38. I have tried them but based on other seafood I have eaten at Seastar I think they would be a good bet.