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Sep 30, 2013 11:35 PM

Have a 3h40m layover in Memphis Airport, do I have time to get a quick bite?

This might be the only time I'll be in this area for a long while and it will be my first time anywhere in the South, coming from Los Angeles so we don't have great BBQ traditions here, I wouldn't mind trying some quintessential BBQ but I'm open to anything as long as it is within reason for me to leave the airport and bring it back.

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  1. Your closest is probably Coleman's, about five miles from the airport. Assuming you cab it, you should be able to get there and back. My biggest worry would be clearing security again. You really only have 2:40, but that should be enough time to either go and bring back, or go consume and return. If bringing the cue through security remember the limit on the size of the liquids, so you probably want to make sure you do not have too much sauce.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      That'd be pretty funny, denied entry due to too much BBQ sauce.

      I'm a easy on the sauce kind of guy anyway.

    2. Interstate BBQ would be doable. Not my favorite rib place, but the pulled pork sandwich is great, particularly if you get the sauce on the side. Offer to bring the cabbie a sandwich as well, and he will probably cut off the meter and wait...

      1. If you end up staying in the airport I suggest a BBQ balogna sandwich from Interstate BBQ in the B terminal. I live in Memphis and I typically try not to eat airport food, but the BBQ balogna sandwich at Internstate in the airport is one of my guilty pleasures. Check this out...

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        1. re: Ross B

          Wow, well if my flight runs late or I decide not to risk it this is good to know.

        2. I'm from L.A. but now live in Clarksdale, Mississippi and am in Memphis often. I seem to recall that Payne's isn't too far from teh airport and it has truly superb pulled pork sandwiches. In L.A., though, have you been to Bludso's? Particularly the original shop in Compton.

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            Yes been to Bludso's when it was still consistently good and I've had enough Texas style BBQ these days, I want to branch out and try other regional specialties, since I'm trying to avoid beef anyway I figure it;s a good excuse to get some pork.