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Sep 30, 2013 11:21 PM

Coming from Los Angeles for 3 days, need suggestions for possible dining options.

I'll be staying in Lincoln Square, flying in 12th Oct, Saturday morning and leaving afternoon on Tues 15th.

So far places I want to visit are:

Fat Rice

Xoco (been before)
Hot Doug's (been before)

Little Goat

Slurping Turtle?

I would't mind getting in a fancy tasting menu but only if I can get it on Monday for lunch since that's my only time away from friends whom are not into that sort of dining. If anyone thinks I should try to visit another place or even replace one of my planned places with something else I am open.

I eat anything and everything but I'd rather avoid more Asian food since LA has plenty of that.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Here's a few unlike what you would probably find in L.A.

    A couple of very good German places: Resi's Bierstube and Gunz Bavarian Haus. Both have great selection of german food and beer.

    For a great Swedish breakfast or lunch try Tre Kronor.

    1. I assume you might know this already but worth reiterating:

      Xoco is closed Sundays and Mondays. Weekday lunch lines can be long.

      Hot Doug's is closed Sundays, cash only, and often closed randomly. Looks like they're open during your trip. But on vacation currently.

      1. Since you've been to Doug's might i suggest you try Franks n Dawgs for comparison. I actually like it a bit more than Doug's. Same quality, less line.

        I like Slupring Turtle a lot and I have been to Japan a few times. Its good.

        Just had brunch at Little Goat and the Asian Crunchy Tasty Thingy is great.

        Also, I can't say enough about Au Cheval, its one of my favorites and I just had a great meal a few days ago.

        1. I think you might reconsider Yusho, especially if you want to avoid Asian food. It is a nice addition to that neighborhood, but I would not sacrifice one of your few dinners there. You can do much better in LA.

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            Yeah I suppose you may be right, I may be been caught up in the hype of it.

          2. I'm a big fan of Longman & Eagle both for brunch and dinner. The one caveat is no reservations, so if you're doing dinner do it early.