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Sep 30, 2013 09:12 PM

Guild and Company: Locavore Steak Dinner in Burlington VT. 9/30/13

Attractive comfortable atmosphere, friendly helpful waiter,but wicked slow kitchen at 7:30 on a slow Monday night.

House salad of greens, delicata squash, beets, spiced pumpkin seeds, chevre,sherry vinaigrette. Generous and tasty. Tomato and fennel soup had good flavor but should have been a medium bodied puree w/ some cream, instead of a chunky marinara sauce consistency. Excellent red wine menu.

Dry Aged Ribeye (16 ou. on the bone), split between two of us- perfect amount. Tender and very flavorful though way oversalted. Neither of us found it notably superior to the ribeye we buy (and grill at home) from Whole Foods, but for a steakhouse product, i bet you won't find better in VT. Steak fries with terrific flavor (garlic oil?) and texture(crispy, not greasy, creamy inside.) Onion rings were battered (arghhhh) but fresh. Side sauces very inconsistent. Bordelaise was the best, in that it was mostly beef demi and not sweet. But the house-made Steak Sauce and Catsup were cloyingly sweet yuckola. I really do judge a chef by their sauces (and soups) foremost, so this chef has not won me over after this one visit. But if you order carefully, you can have some very satisfying food here at Guild. Since they are just now celebrating their first Anniversary, i bet they will be ever improving.

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  1. "Onion rings were battered (arghhhh)" What are they supposed to be?

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      dipped in flour or flour/cornflour mix (ideally after marinating in buttermilk.)

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        Hrm... I prefer battered. :) I forgot there was such a thing as breading for onion rings. :)

    2. Just a note, they are now called The Guild Tavern and their menu has changed some to include some tavern fare.

      We finally got a chance to eat here on Tuesday night (we arrived right at opening and had no problem getting seated immediately). We ordered the sirloin for two that came with two sides, two salads (we got house salads with buttermilk dressing), and Red Hen bread (which is always a good thing). We sat near the kitchen and got to watch them cooking up our food, which was fun. The salads had yellow and red beets, and pepitas. I thought it was a lovely combination (though my husband has discovered he doesn't care for beets) and enjoyed it. The sides were fine and flavorful but we didn't have room for them (we got mashed garlic potatoes and mashed maple butternut squash) after eating the steak, bread, and salad.

      The "steak" was very flavorful and fairly tender. The sirloin for two is more like a lump of roast that's grilled to medium rare (very red in the middle, I swapped some of my less rare bits with my husband as it was a bit too rare for him in the middle) then sliced and divided onto two plates. It had minimal seasoning on the outside, just enough.

      I always have two minds about the whole dry aged thing. I liked the steak, but I'm not convinced it was any better than I could produce myself just by buying some nice prime at Costco.

      The atmosphere was pleasant, and suitable for a romantic meal, I think. Certainly for an impressive date if your date likes to eat. :) The staff were welcoming and friendly without being intrusive. They were not in the least bit slow when we were there. So give them a go! They have some less expensive menu items now, so you don't HAVE to shell out a lot for a steak. :)