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Sep 30, 2013 08:39 PM

Good Bagels But Worst Donut Ever: Overfried, Greasy, Dry, Leaden Cider 'Donuts' at Feldman's Bagels, Burlington VT.

What a bummer. After getting all psyched by their myriad fun looking donut photos and their inventive bagel spreads, we went today, Monday, and picked up bagels for tomorrow and 2 donuts for today.
Well, either they had an emergency and had to leave the donut prep and cooking to a moron, or they have NO idea what they are doing. OMG. Flat, lifeless, fried at way too low a temp so they absorbed oil like crazy, dried out, and did i mention greasy and leaden? Are they usually like this? Say it ain't so, Joe.....

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  1. I'm never up in the area on Mondays, so I can't say. I am surprised, though. Huh.

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    1. re: Morganna

      Totally OPPosite experience today, light tender moist cider donut at the Cider Mill south of Stowe.

      1. re: opinionatedchef

        That would be Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury Center, and their donuts are WONDERFUL. :) Glad you liked them. Did you get some cider, too?

        1. re: Morganna

          yes, we picked up both donuts and cider on our way home today. I said to My Love that I didn't think you could buy ANY food item for 50 cents anymore!

    2. Hey chef,
      Not really for this thread but I see from others that you're heading back to Maine soon and I wonder if you've tried the Holy Donut in Portland. If so, what do you think? If not, try it and let us know. I'm interested in your opinion. Didn't realize you were such a donut hound.

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      1. re: bobbert

        hey there,bb! i confess to having become intrigued! that spot , the HD is a Brunswick friend's fav and we missed them last visit, so they're on the list for the next visit! you love them? anybody doing old fashioned cake donuts up there? are you interested to see how the upcoming WF cronuts turn out?

        1. re: opinionatedchef

          Holy Donut was great. The donuts are cake style, but they use potato flour. The bacon/cheddar (like a filled donut but filled with melty cheddar and bacon), the chocolate/sea salt, and the Maine blueberry were our favorites. I also like how they make ice cubes from coffee for their iced coffee. The local Tony's donuts in Portland are also quite good.

          1. re: kimfair1

            Potatoes/sweet potatoes depending on the flavor at the Holy Donut in Portland, not potato flour. They have such a great texture!

            1. re: kimfair1

              what, and none for MEEEE?????!!
              sounds fantastic, and I alrdy know how estimable are your taste buds!

        2. I sorta wish you hadn't made the title of this what it is, because if they improve, people are still only going to see the title of this post when they're reading the board. They may not even bother to read the thread. Ooooh well.

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          1. re: Morganna

            good thinking, m. i wrote and asked the mods;you may want to as well.

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              *laugh* Cool! Didn't even occur to me you could do that.

              Did you get a chance to taste the matzo ball soup while you were there?