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What to do with "salad" shimp?

A friend just unloaded about a pound and a half of those little bitty shrimp on me. They are already cooked. I guess I could toss them with pasta but they're really not very flavourful. Any ideas? Salads? Dips? I've never worked with these little buggers before. No dietary restrictions to consider.

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  1. I eat shrimp salad at least a couple times a week for lunch so I'd go that route. :)

    I make it with creme fraiche, a spoonful of mayo, fresh dill, s&P and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. My favorite summer way to eat it is over a sliced ripe avocado.

    1. We like to use them with a louie-type sauce for salads and sandwiches - pretty darn good.

      1. I add bay shrimp to salsa with cubes of avocado, cilantro, and diced dried pineapple. Serve with tortilla chips or spoon it on macaroni and cheese.
        - This is so very retro...we once made an appetizer of 8 oz. of cream cheese, topped with chili sauce and bay shrimp to eat with crackers... back in the day.

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          Same here on the appetizer, but with spicy cocktail sauce. Retro or not, it's usually the first to go at parties.

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            My grandmother's signature shrimp dip-
            8oz cream cheese
            1/2c sour cream
            Salad shrimp
            Dash of worsteshire sauce

            Mix together, serve with small toast points (no crusts!) or triscuits original- just be careful not to fill up before dinner!

          2. Great ideas! I'm going to try them all.

            1. They'll work great in eggrolls, or perhaps make some shrimp potstickers.

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                Great idea! I have three bags to use up.

                We do a copycat version of that lobster fondue Red Lobster used to serve. Completely trashy but pretty tasty.

              2. I just made some creamy shrimp burritos with mine.

                1. They are great on pizza or in a frittata

                  1. Scoop the choke out of a whole cooked artichoke. Pour the hot shrimp into your home made hollandaise sauce. Pour into the cavity in the artichoke and enjoy.

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                            oh! do you bake the calamari then?

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                              Yes I bake it in tomato sauce. I do like to add some lobster and scallops too, if it's a special occasion, like Christmas Eve.

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                                  It really is, I just add a touch of breadcrumbs and not much else. I was lucky an old friend gave me the idea.

                      1. Something of a retro approach, but I always think of them as a shrimp salad, dressed with Louis sauce, and then used as the filling for scooped out tomatoes.

                        1. I had a bag of these myself, and used most of them in fried rice. The kids used them in their Top Ramen - they were quite proud of themselves for putting "real food" in their noodles. ;)

                          1. If they are the "small" salid shrimp, I mix a little ketchup, horseradish and cream cheese with them. You can serve it as a dip or spread on crackers.

                            1. add them to macaroni and cheese

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