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Sep 30, 2013 07:18 PM

Week night take out

What are your recommendations for take out dinner (delivery or pick up) on a busy week night? We live downtown and would like range of choices. Healthy and tasty would be ideal. Thanks!

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    1. Flip, Flop and Thai isn't the usual soggy pizza or Chinese. Nothing amazing but it holds up to travel and they deliver downtown. Two locations, iirc. And One of A Kind on Queen West has OK fusion-style Italian pasta. Delivery, too. Further a field, Electric Mud has good takeout. Pickup only. Same with Sukhothai tho you have to call your order in early and hope it's ready when they say.

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        You can get take-out from almost any restaurant (or anything for that matter) in downtown Toronto now from a service called "Hurrier" (www.usehurrier). They charge you whatever the restaurant charges for your order (without any mark-up), add a delivery fee, and send you a copy of the bill from the restaurant. It's like your "personal bike courier". I've used them 6-7 times now. Both customer service and everything have been great. Usually the service is quite fast as well. I used to loathe using Order-it, so much so that I finally cancelled my account out-right. This is a much, much better alternative, by about a factor of 10 quintillion.

        I've used them for a number of restaurants, but they've partnered with Electric Mud, BMB, GE, and a few other places specifically. I've even seen orders from Harbour 60... (there is a banner that displays the most recent orders, without any personal details).

        I've had Electric Mud a number of times - their pork plate is great but the value for many of their other offerings is a bit questionable ($14.50 for 3 ribs w/ no sides???). In any case...

        (I was going to write a separate post about this, guess I'll do that now!)

        1. For healthy take-out, I like the take-out and delivery from Tabule. Not sure whether downtown is in their delivery zone.
          If you like Greek food, all the Danforth restaurants do take-out, and they've got lots of healthy options. Mezes has the best salad/vegetable options. If I'm in a hurry, I get the souvlaki to go from Astoria (I only order the souvlaki at Astoria- not a good place for spanakopita imo) or Megas, which are close to Chester station.

          I love Thai food, but most Thai meals are a salt and grease bomb for me! Doesn't fall under my idea of healthy, unless I'm sticking to fresh rolls, satay and green mango salad.

          1. Where have Chowhounds been getting their relatively healthy take-out lately? Especially interested in take-out north of Bloor and south of the 401.

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              Bamiyan Kabob..great Afghani...I go to the Overlea location. I weave my way through Brentcliff/Laird area.