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Sep 30, 2013 07:17 PM

Moderately prized lunch places in Downtown

Looking for table service place that is moderately priced, no more than 20.00 a person for lunch. In area bounded by Guy and Peel and Sherbrooke and Rene Levesque.,

We are thinking of Vasco de Gama but that doesn't have table service.


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  1. Mei Yuan. 1425 Mackay
    Mr. Steer, 1198 Ste Catherine O
    La Soupiere, 5th Floor The Bay
    Cuisine Szechuan, 2350 Guy

    1. Ramen Misoya, Nocochi, Cafe Holt's

      1. I like cafe via crescent. It is on crescent south of St Catherine's. The food is really good and the atmosphere is bright and cheery.

        1. Marinara on Stanley is great for the price... mostly office workers

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            Thanks. Sorry, should have specified that it is a guest from out of town who would like something French or bistroish (he clarified that to me this morning).

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              Pois Penche would fit the bill then.

              1. re: Gloriaa

                Pois Penché will bust their budget.

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                *Just* outside your boundaries (geographically and economically), Dominion Square Taverne on Metcalfe has $22 daily specials.
                Can be within budget (but unlikely) Le Mas des Oliviers on Bishop.
                Not French and not quite bistroish, Cafe Presto can be an inexpensive Italian, almost quirky lunch...

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                  For under $20? Not a chance. Up the budget by 50% (& don't forget the tip) or forget eating French and see EaterBob or cherylmtl's suggestions.

              3. Most salads, pastas and sandwiches at M Cafe are less than $20 per person. Some of the dishes are somewhat French or bistro-ish

                While it isn't French or Bistro-ish, L'Universel on Peel serves lunch (burgers,sandwiches,salads), and it costs less than $20/person.

                L'Aromate on Maisonneuve might be worth checking out. The lunch menu isn't opening properly on my computer, but the brunch mains are within your range. My meals at L'Aromate have been decent.

                If you're willing to increase your budget to closer to $30/person, there are quite a few restaurants serving nice prix fixe lunches. I've had reasonably priced prix fixe lunches (closer to $25-$35) at Ariel, La Coupoule and Ferreira Cafe

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                  Decca77 still has a 25$ prix fixe lunch menu.

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                    Just noticed my typo. La Coupole also has a $25 prix fixe lunch