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Sep 30, 2013 05:15 PM

What are you baking these days? October 2013 edition! [Through 11/2/13]

Well, it's October in places I'd just as soon be already, so here we go. What falltastic autumnlicious treats are you conjuring up this month?

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  1. Just put a pan of biscoff apple blondies in the oven, we'll see how those go over as an after school treat.

    It's my youngest daughter's birthday (8) this week-end and she has requested individual apple "pies" made by cutting off the top of the apple, scooping out most of the middle and filling it up with butter, sugar, cinnamon and then a lattice of pastry on top before baking. I hope they are as good as she's expecting!

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    1. re: cheesymama

      Biscoff apple blondies?? Recipe???

      1. re: rstuart

        I made this recipe

        But I doubled it for a 9x13 pan, baked 35 min, but would only go 30 next time. I also left out the caramel chips and grated one huge apple (peeled) into the batter. Next time I will dice the apple. The grated apple just kind of disappeared into the blondies once baked, which is still good but I wanted bits of apple.

        1. re: cheesymama

          Thanks Cheesymama (and great name!). I do love the biscoff.. and this recipe looks good, with or without the apples!

      2. re: cheesymama

        I don't know if you were actually looking for a recipe for the individual apple pies, but this site might be helpful if you are http://paperplatesandchina.blogspot.c...

        1. re: zitronenmadchen

          Thanks! Every suggestion is appreciated.

      3. I've been experimenting with no-knead sourdough bread lately, and just sliced into a loaf that I made with about 1/3 rye flour last night. Flavor is good but the structure was lacking a bit - I think I overproofed it, but I also think that I'm just not getting enough gluten development with no-knead and sourdough starter (even though I added a bit of vital wheat gluten to this loaf to add structure). Still, it's tasty!

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        1. re: biondanonima

          I'm making sourdough this afternoon, because this summer when it was too hot to bake, I had the brilliant idea to make sourdough bread dough and freeze it rather than just throwing away the starter when it needed to be refreshed. Not sure if the stretch and fold method counts as no knead, but that's what I do to my bread dough.

        2. Six ingredients.. No butter. No flour.... Best chocolate cookies of my life. Maybe, the best all-around cookies that I have had.

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          1. re: GraceW

            Wow. I'll get right on making anything that ends up on these boards with that kind of endorsement.

            1. re: THewat

              Best cookies of life.
              (Mailed them to 3 different states. And made more for me. I want more now.)
              Best cookies of life.

          2. My two favorites right now are a Chocolate Gingerbread loaf with fresh Ginger, and Earl Grey cupcakes with Lemon buttercream frosting.



            1. Well, we just finished the last of the spiced zucchini cupcakes with a lemon-ginger mousse filling and yogurt buttercream, which I really liked. My little boy turns five tomorrow (!) and he has requested blueberry cupcakes to take to school. I'm thinking about taking a vanilla cupcake recipe and folding in blueberry puree - he wants a marshmallow filling and I was thinking a cream cheese frosting, maybe with more blueberry puree, with fresh blueberries on top. I really need to get going on those!
              On a non-cupcake front, I had butterscotch chips, white chocolate chips and cinnamon chips that I wanted to use up, so I folded all that into a blondie recipe, and they ended up tasting like cinnamon rolls! So of course I drizzled them with icing. Very sweet and rich, but they went over really well at the women's group for whom they were destined. :)
              I'm so glad fall is finally here!

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              1. re: auburnselkie

                You might want to take care with folding blueberry puree into a vanilla batter, as blueberry juices can turn it that weird grayish-blue tint. Still tastes good, but not the most appetizing appearance.

                1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                  Oh, thank you and I know that can happen. I just took them out of the oven and they are decidedly more purple than gray. I used about 3/4 cup of puree. And once I've gotten in the marshmallow filling, piped on the frosting, rolled the sides in purple glitter and then topped the whole thing with either a stormtrooper or a Darth Vader head...who is even looking at the cake at that point? ;-)

                  1. re: auburnselkie

                    Sounds like all is well. Purple, glitter, and storm troopers/Darth Vader? Please post photos!

                    1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                      I think they were a success - there were none left! His birthday party happens tomorrow and he's told me he wants a blueberry birthday cake...well, okay, then! I'd better get cracking! :)

                      1. re: auburnselkie

                        Oh my god.. the cuteness! What a great mom!

                        1. re: rstuart

                          Oh thank you. It was fun humming the Imperial theme as we decorated them. I am raising a family of dorks!