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Sep 30, 2013 05:05 PM

downtown foodies- but with extended family: Decca 77, Beaver Hall, Dominion?

Hey All,

I visit Montreal several times per year and look forward to the food- we are big fans of Osteria Venti, Liverpool House, and Quartier Gneral to give an idea of our tastes. This time though, the inlaws (i.e, old and potentially cranky), and a 15 year old (fairly adventurous) will be joining us Saturday night. Trying to figure out a downtown dinner- quality food but choice for the diversity within our group. Thinking of the Dominion S. tavern or Beaver Hall or Decca 77 (Braserie) for the location, menu and price points (haven't been to any of these but seem to have reasonable reviews and menus). Or maybe put everyone in taxis and head to Holder? I welcome any input, opinions, please!


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  1. You can not go to Dominion with a 15 year old- its strictly 18+ as it is a bar.

    1. Given those options, I would taxi to Holder, but if you want to stay downtown, I would suggest Brasserie T, which is better IMHO.

      1. I would go with Beaver Hall. It's very large, has a very diverse menu that's bound to satisfy everyone.

        1. thanks for the info; I now see the Dominion website says 18+. I never know if a place is restaurant with bar license or bar with food license- and hence whether kids are allowed. I know we have gone to pubs on Bishop St with kids before- are kids allowed in pubs generally?

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            I would say generally not. I think the rule is essentially as follows: if you are able to buy booze without having to buy food, then children are not allowed (i.e. it is a bar). If you are able to buy booze but only accompanied by food, then children are allowed (i.e. it is a restaurant). Of course there are probably exceptions and subtleties that I don't understand but it's probably a simple rule-of-thumb... I realized that you've picked up on this as well, but I can't think of any so-called "pubs" in Montreal that require you to eat... perhaps with the exception of Else's.