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Sep 30, 2013 04:29 PM

Soft-ripened cheese storage

I have finally figured out how to keep most of my cheeses fresh for a few weeks in cheese paper or foil (blue cheese), but am new to the realm of soft-ripened cheeses. I have two pretty sizeable wedges of Harbison as well as St. Andre in the fridge right now. These are quite expensive pieces of dairy goodness, so I want to learn the proper way to store them or the best that can be done at home in a fridge. What's the best way to wrap them? Is cheese paper OK, or should they be in plastic wrap, foil, etc? TIA

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  1. I had some that lasted about a month. Per my cheese person, I cut the round in quarters, wrapped each quarter in the cheese paper and then wrapped each in parchment. Put in the coldest part of the fridge. The last was even better - stinkier :) - than the first.

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        yes, c oliver, that's what works for me. i have a marble covered cheese board and i usually put the piece of cheese i want out for at least two hours before i intend to serve it. When I first fell in love with the amazing world of cheese I was fortunate enough to visit Renee Richard's in Lyon and the cheesemonger felt compelled to tell me three important things: never plastic for wrap or storage, never straight from the refrigerator, and if i had a complete round (say a whole epoisse) that wasn't ready to eat immediately, turn it over every day. I didn't ask questions as to why: I just followed orders!

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          Interesting about the Epoisses, thanks. The season here in the US for the pasteurized imports is approaching.

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                It is looking like the summer for my arrival, so it may be too long after my return from France in the Spring

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                  I think you'll prefer summer honestly. My birthday is early June and it's been known to snow then.

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                See you next month DCM. Meanwhile, may lightning strike your fly.

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                  May your pubic hair turn to fishhooks.

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                    I'm too old to be out trolling the singles bars.

        2. Important not to touch them with your hands and that everything around them be clean. Mold sets in easily.

          1. I put them in covered glass storage containers as close to their size as possible, but not crammed in.

            1. actually what people don't tell you that if you let your cheese "rotten" you get the high priced blue cheeses sold in the shops :)
              Once a relative of mine told this when I visited him - he lives in a village and I couldn't believe him - until I found it out to myself!
              sure you don't have to experiment with this - jsut thought it is good to know!

              now back to storage: if you coat the cheese with home made butter it won't dry out and lasts for longer :)

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                bleu cheeses are inoculated with specific molds -- they are not simply old rotten cheese.