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Sep 30, 2013 04:14 PM

St John's Donuts @ Blacksmith's Coffee, Bermondsey Street, London

The little coffee window on Bermondsey Street previously known as the Hatch has been renamed as Blacksmiths for quite a while. The coffee is the same -- still offering Square Mile based espresso and filter coffee, made by a very fastidious barista who cares a lot about the various parameters in making a fine coffee.

What's new-ish is that he's now selling St John's custard donuts on Saturdays - an excellent pairing.

He was also offering brownies from Little Bread Pedlar, but don't know if that was just for the Bermondsey Street Festival or on a more permanent basis. Those brownies are great - medium fudgy consistency, with a soft and slightly cakey touch. Good chocolate flavour too.

And there's beer and some wine as well. Good to see them expanding their range.

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