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Sep 30, 2013 03:52 PM

Hey Meatball Leslieville

Finally tried this place since it opened up in my neighbourbood. Apologies if anyone's posted on the Leslieville location already (I searched and saw nothing).

I think we finally have a place that offers takeout that I might actually enjoy on a regular basis (didn't care for Paulette's, Chik'n'Joy is ok but too greasy for me).

Rodney was manning the cash and I was the third customer with a big order for a few couples we were eating with last Friday. Guys had three Rodfathers, ladies had spaghetti and meatballs, rigatoni and meatballs and mac'n'cheese and meatballs (the "and meatballs" is a bit redundant). Kids split spaghetti & meatballs.

Overall really happy. The meatball sandwich was very flavourful, though the spice level could have been higher (I asked for it spicy). My main beef was with the bread. Good quality, but too chewy. You bite in and fillings squeeze out.

The real winner was the spaghetti & meatballs. A simple tomato sauce, homemade noodles and meatballs (my homemade are better, but hey, i'm biased). I ended up stealing (or 'swiping' for the Dora fans out there) some from the kids, added some hot sauce and it was great.

Although I knocked the bread for the sandwich, i should also say the side salad is noteworthy. Nice greens including kale and some shaved carrots and beets. Very tasty and not over-dressed.

Limited menu for the next two weeks.

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  1. I haven't been to this incarnation however the one in Little Italy I thought was very good. I liked to thoroughly enjoyed everything they offered save for the gluten free brownie. It was awful.


    1. I just ordered the beef meatballs with marinara sauce for take out. Driest blandest meatballs I have EVER had. I keep eating them though so either I'm really hungry or the sauce is making them edible. I LOVE meatballs so this was one major disappointment. Nothing beats Libretto's.

      1. What is the space like for eating in?

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        1. re: tex.s.toast

          It's a cute space, a small kind of rustic look.

          1. re: LeaTime

            I've only been to the College location and had a superb meatball sandwich.

            Just tried the meatballs at pizza e pazzi (St. Clair/Dufferin location), and they were goddamn delicious. Maybe check them out if you're into Libretto.

            1. re: magic

              I have had the meatballs at pizza e pazzi and yes they are goddam delicious! Lol. L'il Baci's meatballs are pretty good also. But mmmm pizza e pazzi... forgot about that place since I moved.

              1. re: LeaTime

                I'll have to try L'il Baci then :)

          2. re: tex.s.toast

            I would guess there is room for about 10-12 ppl to eat in. It is small but a nice looking space.

          3. been to the original location and had the rod father. it was overall a satisfying sandwich, but the strongest flavour of the sandwich was from the amount of fat & salt coming from the pesto spread on the bread rather than the meat balls. it's like they should be called "hey pesto" instead.

            1. I prefer the pasta at the college location but the chicken meatballs at this location is much tastier. I do find their regular meatballs a bit dry so always ask for chicken instead.