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Sep 30, 2013 02:24 PM

Best choice for 24" inch pro-style gas range?

Hi everyone, I'm remodeling my small kitchen and would like to install a 24" inch "pro-style" gas range. I am willing to spend up to $4,000.

There are models available from BlueStar, FiveStar, American Range, ILVE, Verona, and Bertazzoni. I'm leaning towards the American Range.

I'm finding very few reviews on on some of these ranges. The reviews I've found are mixed -- some folks like them, some don't at all.

I do a fair amount of cooking and baking, but usually for 2-4 people only.

Does anyone have suggestions or opinions based on experience? Is the American Range (Heritage Series -- 24" inch) a good choice? I would appreciate any help!


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  1. Of those, the only one with true open burners as used in restaurants is the Bluestar. The power and the evenness of the heat is just plain superior to the sealed burners. Youtube has plenty of videos of people cooking, woking, cleaning and baking in the Bluestar ranges.

    The Italians offer very good looking ranges but with really small ovens. Many don't think the 30" ranges offer an oven sufficient for an American family of four. And the 24" ranges have ovens about 2/3 the size of the 30" ranges.

    Virtually any appliance is going to have mixed reviews. No manufacture makes a flawless machine. Many people who get a defective unit or a lemon will log-on and vent. Only a small portion of happy customers come to review their appliances.My ranking would be as follows.

    1) Bluestar
    2) American Range
    3) FiveStar
    4) Bertazzoni
    5) ILVE
    6) Verona

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      Very helpful answer, thank you DeeAgeaux! I'm glad to see you've ranked American Range 2nd. I was tempted to go with BlueStar, but I became concerned with negative reviews that said their customer service is terrible and non-responsive to complaints about defective or finicky parts, such as the doors and igniters. The Consumer Reports site was not very positive about them, and the Amazon reviews are split -- some are quite awful:

      1. re: skittlebug

        I can tell you that Bluestar changed the door design about 2,5 years ago. Bluestar VI owners have not had problems with the ovens since the new design other some complaints about how long it takes to preheat but that should not be a problem on the 24".

        CR gave the Bluestar half a red dot for high end power. I know for a fact that the supernova 22k btu power burner has better high end power than any gas burner they tested.

        Fivestar is made by Brown Stove Works. Same people that make $500 Premier ranges. You should inspect one and compare to Bluestar in person before buying.

        The Bluestar Igniters are unprotected and can break. But they are easy to replace. No range design is flawless.

        None of these companies make their own electronics. They just bend metal. Wolf, GE Monogram, Bluestar, American Range, Fivestar. They all get them from the same suppliers and things can go wrong.

        Look at and you will see the vast majority of Bluestar owners are very happy with their range, particularly those that have purchased a recent model with the updates.

        There is no perfect range. You are trying to buy the best one from real world appliance companies. They all have flaws and lemons. That is why they have a warranty department.

        You will find those with the biggest sales (Bluestar then Bertazzoni) have the most complaints and those with the least sales (Fivestar and Verona) have the least complaints.

    2. I would never use American Range. We bought a 6 burner w/griddle cook top and double ovens one year ago. The cooktop didn't work right from the start. Only one burner worked. Took multiple visits from the local repairman who couldn't fix it and finally technicians from American Range came to my house to fix it. As it was it took 5 hours for the American Range people to figure out the problem. Now, nearly one year later my ovens have stopped working. I am within days or weeks of the warranty being expired and I'm being told they will not stand by the products. I've received an estimate of $1200 to fix the ovens and apparently I'm on my own. Horrible customer service! If I had to go back, I would have bought Viking or Wolf or anything else! Will never buy American Range again!

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      1. re: astacie13

        Wow, thank you astacle13 for sharing your experience. Darn it! This is one of the hardest decisions I've had to make. BlueStar gets terrible reviews for similar problems involving defective parts and very poor customer service.

        Maybe I should go with the FiveStar? They are less well-known, but I'm not finding any seriously poor reviews.

        I'm really surprised that the makers of these high-end expensive ranges don't support their products!!

      2. I completely agree with DeeAgeaux that all appliances are going to have mixed reviews and no manufacturer will make a perfect product. This is such a hard decision for you especially when you're spending so much money. I guess I thought spending this much money would make a difference and if nothing else the company would stand behind the product. I will say once they got my cooktop working correctly, I haven't had any problems with it and I love it. Just very disappointing that now I'm having issues with my stove and they're hanging me out to dry. Good luck to you! If you do go with American Range, hopefully you'll have better luck than I have!

        1. I am debating the exact same purchase right now and wondering what you decided?

          I think the American Range is my front runner based on oven size. The Bertazzoni is a great price, but the oven is small (too small for a standard baking sheet) and I bake quite a bit. My local appliance store has a 24" Viking floor model that they are willing to sell me (at a discount; this size has been discontinued) so that's another option. But there are a lot of mixed reviews for Viking in general.

          For what it's worth, we are doing a Miele dishwasher and Liebherr fridge. I feel like I'm spending way too much time debating the range.

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          1. re: wino_agk

            I have been searching for a 24" viking- need one really bad-if you are not going that way-what is the name of the dealer that has one- I have had no luck in my searching!

            1. re: vagabundo

              I'm in Philly and the store is on Chestnut and 11th...I'm sorry I'm blanking on the name. It starts with an A. Airs maybe. We haven't made a decision but if you definitely need one, fee free to give them a call...

          2. The original comment has been removed