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Sep 30, 2013 02:18 PM

Trader Joe's Chicken Burritos Discontinued

The past two times I have tried to get the Chicken Burritos but they have not been stocked.

Anyone know if they were discontinued? These were the best burritos they carried. I have tried others and not been crazy about them. Why do they have to get rid of all the good stuff. (Am still crying over that White Chicken Sesame Noodle Bowl that was so good).

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  1. Have you checked the TJ discontinued products threads? The most recent one is

    1. I asked about this a few weeks ago. I could not find the steak or chicken burritos, and I was told that they were being reformulated. The steak burritos are back (and better according to my daughter), but I have not seen the chicken.

      1. I got the chicken ones pretty recently. Don't know if they were the new kind or the old kind, but my daughter, who used to like them, now doesn't (but don't judge based on her review--she's fickle.)

        1. They had two kinds of chicken burritos when I looked yesterday. They had the chile verde ones that my wife loves (she was really bummed when we went a couple of weeks ago and they weren't there) and another one I hadn't seen before. I wasn't going somewhere that I could get them in a freezer so I didn't pick any up though. Dadgummit, now I have to go back to TJ's.

          1. All of the burritos were gone for a while except for the vegetarian ones; something must have happened with the supplier.

            However, the chicken chile verde and then the chicken and bean ones came back in stock and they seem to be identical so they must be from the same source. I didn't notice the steak ones but I wasn't looking for them because I don't buy them.

            Not being able to buy the burritos was a good excuse to try the Indian frozen dinners, though!

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              I am going there this weekend. I hope they are back because they are the only ones that don't turn out watery. Plus I really don't like fillings other than bean, pork and chicken. Will post if I find them.