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Sep 30, 2013 02:00 PM

Restaurants combining forces (or trading places)

Over in the food events, chilipepper posted about Joe Beef and Moishe's are combining forces to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Moishe's for $250/person.

it occurred to me, that there might be some other places that could do something similar. (see my response

And a beat later I wondered what everyone else would think would be an interesting combination. No real rules, per se. Although it probably would be more interesting if everyone explained why they thought their idea would be a good combination. To that end I will elaborate on my off the cuff response over there.

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  1. Joe Beef should take over at Chien Chaud Victoire or La Binerie for an interesting "pop-up" restaurant.

    Because Joe Beef is a historic Montreal figure, and La Binerie and Chien Chaud Victoire are historic Montreal restaurants. And instead of going upscale and exclusive by combining with Moishe's, the people at Joe Beef could try to bring their food to the masses by modifying the menus at either La Binerie or Chien Chaud Victoire for a day.

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      That would be fun. Speaking of the Joe Beef guys, yesterday and this evening, Vin Papillon was taken over as a pop-up by Chez Jose Brooklyn. It was a vegetable-forward multi-course exceptionally yummy meal...

    2. Ha! Great thread possibilities. My mind is whirring away...

      1. You can bet Gazette fine dining critic Lesley Chesterman will be there(guessing writing a piece for the Gazoo). No matter what she won't be paying the $250 per person fee. Probably Bill Brownstein won't be far behind.

        1. Another interesting mix would be if Lawrence and La Porte switched places for a week.

          I'm certain that Marc Cohen and the staff a Lawrence could handle the "French Fine-Dining Experience" that is had at La Porte and vice versa. But given that both restaurants are rooted in the culture of their chefs and staff, it would be fun to see and taste Thierry Rouyé's take on the British/offal style, and the Lawrence folk do French food.