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Sep 30, 2013 01:20 PM

Da Mimmo's... what do you think?

I have a friend visiting from out of town and was trying to find a nice steak place that has a great, but not typical steak (e.g., veal, double pork chop... basically a big slab of meat).

I didn't see any recent reviews of Da Mimmo's and their famous veal chop. What do you think? Is it worth it?

Is there anyplace you would recommend that has both a fun vibe and a great steak in either DC or Baltimore?

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  1. Used to love the veal chop at Da Mimmo's--when the owner was still in the kitchen. The price point was quite high, but well worth the quality of the meat and it's source of cooking.

    Haven't been there in years and can't fully recommend going there based on that veal chop alone.

    In more recent years, I've dined at the Prime Rib and my husband ordered the veal chop and it was wonderful. Moist-large portion-the restaurant service and atmosphere qualified for the price point.

    At the Prime Rib you can enjoy music/piano during dinner--impeccable service and elegant atmosphere.

    Their other entrees, i.e., crab imperial., Prime Rib (of course), etc. are exemplary--Many wonderful side dishes including those potato skins by Greenberg. FoiGras

    1. is price no problem? Thursday is lamb chop night at RIS (rib chop, not leg). granted it's just the 2 large ones so not a big ole slab, but that with a charcuterie app and the protein craving will be well placated.

      1. Thanks for the feedback

        1. If interested, try the veal chop at the Oregon Grille--I've never ordered that particular dish--my husband did and was quite impressed. It is, indeed, very pricey, but so are the best of the best veal chops offered at local restaurants, i.e., Da Mimmo's, Prime Rib, etc.

          Not certain, but doesn't Morton's Steakhouse provide a veal chop on their menu? If, indeed, they do, you can count on it being VERY EXPENSIVE, but most likely worth the price. FoiGras