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Sep 30, 2013 12:03 PM

Need a meeting place in the Mission [San Francisco]

Hey folks,

So, my friend needs a place in the Mission to host a birthday party. Her requirements:

1. No reservation necessary.
2. Not too crowded.
3. Has food.

The idea is that people will be able to show up whenever they want, but will also be able to sit down with a drink and perhaps have a bite. I can think of a few places, but I am not sure what the crowd situation is like these days in the Mission on a Thursday night. What place will allow this to happen? It has to be in the Mission, because she has a reservation at the Bowling Club for after.

Quality probably is not important here; any old place with bar food is fine, so long as tables can be had.

I was thinking that place across the street from the Abbot's Cellar, but have forgotten its name. Would that be a good choice?

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  1. 20 spot. Great vibe, relaxed space. Really fresh tasty food. It's almost never busy, which i like, but I'm sure they feel otherwise...

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    1. re: frontzNskrontz

      20 spot has one communal table and then mostly a bunch of two tops. The last time I was there, they crammed four of us onto one of these two tops. So unless someone gets there early enough to stake a claim on the big table, or your bday celebration involves four petite people, 20 spot is going to be super squeezy.

    2. Southern Pacific Brewing Co. Food is acceptable, good beer/drink list. Cool and large space.

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      1. re: goldangl95

        Good choice. Flexible for pretty much any sized crowd, and close to MBC. I'm not a big fan of either their beer or their food, but it meets all the OP's criteria.

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          At Southern Pacific, I think the chicken wings are great. I also like the brussels sprouts.

        2. What time of day is it happening (and what day of the week?) Also, how many people is your friend expecting?

          Assuming it's: During the afternoon/early evening, and under 20 people expected, the Sycamore could work. I like the pork belly donuts.