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Sep 30, 2013 11:48 AM

Fresh Market in Woodbury opening

Has anyone heard when it will open? I recently saw a job fair announcement, so it can't be too far off.

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    1. According to the FM web site, they're in the property development/acquisition process, not on the "coming soon" list yet. Just checked yesterday.

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      1. re: mcf

        They've obviously got work to do, including the sign, but this looks pretty committed to me

        1. re: foasny

          Let's hope the stuff they sell there is more up to date and managed better than their web site!

      2. The grand opening is scheduled for Oct 30 at 9 am!

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        1. re: Crownline

          Having read a lot of reviews, I'm not real excited. Hope it's better than it sounds, I'm always looking for more options.

          1. re: Crownline

            Thanks, Crownline!
            FM needs to update their "Coming Soon" list more regularly. It's still listed as an "announced lease".

          2. Not so fresh; in the dairy case yesterday, an "old fashioned" brand of cream cheese sold in a plastic tube (like liverwurst packaging), a whole shelf full of it with expiration date 8/30/2014.

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            1. re: mcf

              A quick walkthrough revealed a traditional supermarket with above average prices. the only distinguishing feature was the name.

              1. re: budcar

                Traditional supermarket but without most of what you're looking for. It's both my closest and least visited supermarket. I give them a year. The only time I've seen a line at the register more than one deep is when there's only one cashier. Two cashiers is overkill. If they didn't sell cold Lambic Franboise I'd probably never go.

                1. re: budcar

                  You have hit the nail on the head. I shopped there once, several months ago, and I have no interest in returning.

              2. Forgot to note one positive - the floral department has put together some really nice bouquets for me. Florist quality/freshness at supermarket prices.