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Sep 30, 2013 10:44 AM

Any thoughts on the Observer's 50 Most Interesting Dallas Restaurants?

Wish I could say I have been to most of these, but only a handful. I do question why Crossroads Diner is on the list. Good place, but most interesting?

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  1. i dont understand what makes some of those interesting

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    1. Yes, I have several thoughts ... like this is a ranking? Do the numbers have any significance at all? FT33 has lots bigger fans than me, but Cuquita's #2 and FT33 #30? They've been robbed. Just read the explanation of Cuquita's and I still don't get it. The Mexican Inn has great housemade tortillas too and I don't see them on the list. Pffft.

      PS And Kalachanji's #9? I guess they deserve it for the great patio and the 'unusual' factor ... not every restaurant is in a Hare Krishna temple. But shouldn't points come off for no onions or garlic, which contributes to the food being much less than interesting? Clearly The Observer and I are not on the same page.

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