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Sep 30, 2013 10:04 AM

Quiet Cambridge spot for coffee/tea

I'm looking for a quiet spot for a small morning meeting in Cambridge--ideally close to Central Square, but Harvard could work as well. Good coffee/tea and snacks a plus.

But the most important thing is that we're able to hear each other.
No loud music, no roar of conversation. Crema and Dado Tea in Harvard Square have proven surprisingly noisy. The Pamplona is quiet, but lacks a bathroom.

Wonder if I'm missing something. Your thoughts?

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    1. I've always been able to have a conversation in Dwelltime. Also, there is a Dado between Central and Harvard on Mass Ave. Simons Too would work. Bakara would be perfect on all counts, but they don't open until lunch time.

      1. Andala Coffee House on Franklin in Central Square. Never seems too busy.
        I don't know how many people will be meeting, but Toscanini's might work for a couple people.

        Petsi Pies on Putnam (closer to Harvard than Central).

        Mariposa in Central?

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          Yes! I got Bakara and Andala confused. I meant to post about Andala. It fits the bill location wise, and it is the perfect place for conversation. it is quiet and has a few secluded nooks.

          Depending on the time, it can be tough to get a seat at Petsi. Lots of wifi hogs and other lingerers there. It's also not that quiet.

        2. Dwelltime strikes me as ideal, so long as you can get a table. It's wonderfully quiet and relaxing. And parking is easy.

          1. You might actually check out the Starbucks in Harvard Sq; it's a two-story store, and the upstairs is often pretty quiet. It gets busy, though.

            A bit farther afield but down the road a bit and easily T-accessible, Bourbon Coffee in Porter Exchange has a lot of quiet nooks, and hasn't been loud or busy when I've been there.

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            1. re: Boston_Otter

              If you do decide on Starbucks make sure you are clear that it is the two story one right by the main T entrance/ exit. With 3 Starbucks in Harvard Square it can be confusing.

              1. re: viperlush

                Sorry -- to clarify, I'm talking about the Starbucks that's in Harvard Square proper, next to the Harvard T.