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Marshmallow Factory?

I read this this morning after it showed up in my Facebook feed, and now I suddenly need to go to this place. Because I love those fro-yo shops where you put random crap on your fro-yo (lychee popping boba and mochi!) and I have been known to eat that marshmallow fluff they sell in jars with a spoon.

Has anyone been? Is it awesome? Or is the cream kind of excessively sweet (eating the storebought stuff off a spoon isn't something I'd claim as a *good* idea)?


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  1. Please go and report back.

    I've never seen anyone in there and people in the area have been shaking their heads over this one for some time now.

    Personally, I've never had the interest to find out :)

    1. My sister went after it first opened and she thought it was bad and unbelievably overpriced.

      1. The advice he got was hella bad, start a You Tube channel and similar social media gobbeldegook. Sheesh. At least namedropping Chowhound in the article was enough to get chow staff to post it here.

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          Eh, I actually considered not posting it because of that. But then my desire to know if this place was good overwhelmed that.

          1. re: Jacquilynne

            Actually I figured that but I couldn't resist taking the jab

            I'll admit I'm a little curious myself but I think this guy's got bigger problems with his business model than the lack of a You Tube channel.

            He's probably do much better doing a cart/stand/truck thing at street festivals, fairs and the like than trying to sustain a storefront in a location like that.

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              Yeah, though I suspect that 'already owned the building' is a huge factor in why he's located where he is.

              It's kind of across town for me and it closes pretty early, but I might try to check it out anyway, just because the concept amuses me.

        2. I've never been and always thought something was odd that the place could survive with so little business.

          A friend of mine said that her neighbour and kids went and were treated rudely, so it didn't seem like they cared for business.

          1. We went in last year with our daughter and he told us he ordered all the creams from a specialist website when I asked if he made them. He said he didn't have the facilities. Now he makes all the creams in house? I always got a weird vibe from the place. Now it's weirder. I thought it would be a cute idea for a sweets table at a wedding, but now, this is just too odd.

            1. What a weird article. No mention of address.

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              1. re: MissBingBing

                Everything about that article sounds terrible. Honestly, truly, logic defyingly horrendous. From the disinterested tone of the report to the sickening advice from the online brand consultant guy to the utterly bizarre sounding owner makes me want to stay even further away than the 8500 kilometres already between me and there

                1. re: disgusti

                  If you live 8500 kms away wouldn't that put you outside of Toronto if not outside of the country?

                2. re: MissBingBing

                  It was in the business section, all about the business advice, not a conventional review.

                  As mentioned before the business advice given was a pile of ...

                3. Went two years ago, had a coupon from one of the deal websites. Everything was awful: the taste, the restaurant itself, the experience. We actually had two coupons and didn't bother going back to use the second one. I bike past it on my way home and I'm shocked that it's still open.

                  1. I live nearby and walk by a lot. Intense weird vibe for sure. Menu looks disgusting. It was "coming soon" for ages (a year maybe?). Now it's always empty. Don't know what it is, or why it's still there. My kids don't ask to go in. That said, I suppose I should go in once.

                    1. The feedback on this place is astonishingly bad. I've now gone from wanting to try it because "oooh, marshmallow fluff!" to wanting to try it, because I kind of think I might need to experience the weird for myself.

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                      1. re: Jacquilynne

                        I repeat the first line of my original response.....

                        "Please go, and report back". LOL

                      2. One more for the "too weird" camp. I live blocks away but would rather walk further to the froyo for my sweet indulgences. I've been in, received not much more than blank stares from the counter staff, and walked out.

                        1. Totally agree with others. We live just down the street and I think it's the most bizarre looking place. I keep hoping my daughter never asks to go in there (because we never will!).
                          It just looks like a weird cover for something.

                          1. Been there, several times. I like it! I guess this is one of those "either-you-like-it-or-you-don't" kind of sweets. First time I went, I tried it on a chocolate cup, it's not that filling, maybe too small for me, I'm glad it's now serving it with waffles.

                            The person at the counter was friendly to me & my kids. Well it's not "star bucks".... if you are expecting a cute young girl, lol!

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                              Jameswalton, welcome to Chowhound.

                              I had to laugh at your comment - "it's not that filling".

                              Are you having this as a main course? I thought it was meant as a treat of some sort. Heavy emphasis on the some sort.


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                                My sister said that the chocolate cup filled with marshmallow and her selected options was minuscule. Especially for the price.

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                                  lol! I was hungry then. You are right! as a snack not lunch.... :)

                              2. if you watch the first season or 2 of Dragon's Den, you see the dragons giving some people the advice of knowing when to pull away from their dreams, to recognize once they're in too deep and that their idea's spiraled from being a dream to being a nightmare.

                                once upon a time, a person had an idea about this cool store that served marshmellow sundays. at least it made sense in his or her head. then they spent some money and time developing the concept and thought that everyone would love their idea as much as they did.

                                then they got a retail space and spent something ridiculous like 2 years prepping the space to open their store. and after being opened for a year, he's probably still saying that people just don't get why his idea is so awesome.

                                i actually feel really, really bad when someone may take a financial soaking over their desire to run an independent business.

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                                  you are right, but some products takes a while to take off. I think saw this Marshmallow Factory cream in Marché in Bay St. selling it retail.

                                2. This store was "coming soon" for at least three years and then suddenly the door was open and there was this guy standing there. Let me tell you, one visit was one too many. My then four-year-old was excited to go in, but she has never asked to go back. We bought a few pastries with marshmallow substance inside, took them to the park, and ended up throwing them away. Horrible, sickly sweet, and stale. Everything in the store looked completely unappetizing (just visit the website... if those are the best, most flattering product shots they could get... well, that's a very bad sign). A very strange assortment of food and drinks. Tarts and cannolli and tubs of the marshmallow goo in the display case, who knows for how long.

                                  When I walk by, I feel only sadness. Like a previous commenter said, it's like one of those Dragon's Den contenders who gets told to stop, please stop, putting money into this terrible idea. But he won't stop, because this is his "dream" and he's already sunk his life savings into it. I've never seen anyone inside. The whole situation is just awkward and sad.

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                                    I think he's probably just fine, financially anyway. He owns the building, inherited. I once looked at the apartment above - now THAT was awkward and sad...

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                                      just imagine...
                                      you could have made an edible pillow out of marshmellows...

                                  2. I walked by today and there were newspapers on the windows. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. I hate to see anyones business go down but I always thought this was the oddest business.

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                                        According to the woman I talked to at Von Doughnuts, the owner of Marshmallow Factory is leaving to open up a gourmet doughnut shop in rural Ontario (I'm not certain, but I think she said in Lindsay or Peterborough).

                                        1. re: janel

                                          Omg, is he totally copying them? Toooo funny.