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Sep 30, 2013 09:31 AM

question on reservations @ ardeo, district kitchen, jaleo

hey all - am coming to d.c. with family (4 people in total) in november the week before thanksgiving. am planning some of the dinners now, but can't make reservations until we know which evenings we can have sit-down dinners.

we'd be making reservations sometime between 5:30 and 7:00. i checked availability for the three places in november on opentable, and they're all open. great! i then checked availability _this week_ and saw there were some spots at jaleo during my times, and the other two places were completely wide open.

my question: is this normal? in other words, do people here think i could make reservations at these places 1-2 weeks out and have no problem?

also, the kids will be fine with dishes at these places, so that's not a worry. two of the places are near our hotel, and i really want to go to jaleo.

thanks for your help.

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  1. If we are talking week nights you likely will be ok with all except maybe Jaleo (if there is a game or concert that night Jaleo fills up super quickly). You can always make a reservation now and cancel it later if need be (just remember to cancel!).

    You should also be aware that most restaurants do not place all their tables on Open Table. I imagine a place like Jaleo reserves a certain amount for walk-ins.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      thanks elyssa. should have been more specific; we're going to be in d.c. from weds - sunday evening.

      i was surprised that jaleo has availability at 530, and 645 onwards, on this friday and saturday. although what you said about the game (seasons haven't started yet) makes perfect sense, and i didn't think about that, so thanks!

      and in fact, capitals have 2 home dates (weds 8pm, fri 7pm) and wizards have one (sat 7pm) during that time, but the early starts would probably workk in our favor.

      because i'll have family in tow, i don't want to just show up at jaleo without reservations and a backup plan in place.

      1. re: bob gaj

        If there are games on the days you want to go to Gallery Place/Chinatown I would highly recommend making a reservation ASAP.

    2. Most times you will be safe waiting. I have done that and not have any difficulty getting a reservation. So, you should be safe.

      1. people tend to eat later in DC if there were big gaps in the 8-9 PM period, I'd be wondering if the place was still any good.

        but 5:30 - 7? if they were able to even get out of the office that early, they're still getting their drink on.

        1. thank you all for the advice and suggestions. i'll look to book jaleo in a couple weeks and will wait until we get closer before i reserve at the other two.

          it sounds like there shouldn't be problems in that area, so i'm glad about that. hopefully the govt will be running before that time as well.