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Sep 30, 2013 08:58 AM

Reno by the River

I will be in Reno for a few days next week. I am staying at the Siena, which I gather is near the river, and I don't have a car. I will have at least one dinner and a couple of breakfasts. Can anyone recommend some places?

I'm open to anything, especially since I am limited by location.



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  1. Here's a recent thread to get you started.

    If you type Reno in the box in the upper right of this page, it will give you more. The Siena is nicely located right across the river from "downtoan." Plenty of places to walk or short cab ride. Have fun.

    1. The Santa Fe Hotel on Lake St a couple of blocks north of the river has an excellent Basque dinner. Louis Basque Corner is also good and it is located at 4th and Evans. Campo and Rawr are west along the river. The best buffet is at Harrahs or the El Dorado if that is your thing.

      Most of the places that were referenced in thread are way out of the downtown area and would require a bus or expensive taxi to get to those locations.

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        Thanks, JIm. I didn't remember that thread that well obviously.

        I'm not a buffet person but my one experience with Harrahs was pretty awful. Maybe it's improved in the last couple of years. When we ate there (with some points and a twofer, it was about $7 for the two of us) about the only thing we liked was the super simple salad.

        Here are some more recs:

        There are loads of places within walking distance and I apologize for not rereading that thread before posting it.

      2. Campo is on the river right by the hotel and just about the best restaurant in Reno for great Italian. Another couple options are Rawr and Bowl a few blocks away.

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          Campo is our fave but I always hesitate to define it as 'just' Italian. While it definitely IS, there's also more to it. So any palate can be very happy :)

        2. Thanks for the tips.

          I managed a few very good meals during my brief stay in Reno last week.

          I had a fabulous dinner at Campo one night. I had the kale salad and the cheese plate, and wanted to go back for more but couldn't work it into my schedule. I will definitely eat here again on my next trip.

          I also had a pretty good dinner at the Wildfire Grill, although I preferred Campo.

          My third dinner was at Silver Peak. The beer was good but I wasn't that impressed with the food. I was there to watch football, so the food was secondary.

          Finally, I had two very good late breakfasts at Pho 777. I was thrilled that there were several Vietnamese places to choose from, and because this one opened at 10 I was able to go there.

          Thanks again for the recommendations. I'm looking forward to some additional Reno dining the next time I'm in town.


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          1. re: LloydG

            We've not been to the downtown Silver Peak, only the brewery/restaurant. Their pizzas are fantastic.

            Glad you had a good time and thanks for reporting back.