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Sep 30, 2013 08:38 AM

What happened to the food stand under the LIRR in Flushing?

I stopped in Flushing this morning for breakfast and was shocked to find that the stand under the LIRR bridge on Main Street is completely gone. Does anyone know if the vendors there moved, or if there is any plan for them to reopen? There was no sign, just a bare concrete wall.

Other than Corner 28 and the dumpling place down the street from Starbucks (by the small parking lot), does anyone know of a good, quick takeout breakfast spot that can replace the old stand?



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  1. Try the gritty hole in the wall next to Flushing Noodle Shop. You can't miss the overpowering stench of grease and fried food.

    1. Sorry to hear that AA Plaza vendors are gone.
      Have you tried vendors at the Golden Mall nearby, particularly the TianJin stall that has an outside counter? It all boils down to what is breakfast time for you and what kind of Chinese food you prefer.
      Also, there is a Taiwanese-style takeout place on the block, don't quite remember their name: Red...Something :-) They are open around the clock, and some people like them...

      1. I got a few looks when I walked by with a friend and saw it had closed, bringing a shout from me. My friend (a local Chinese speaking foodie) told me the rent had become too high for the owner and so he was giving up the lease, but did not know if they were reopening elsewhere or under a new owner.

        Can't confirm other than what he said. Either way, it's probably a loss for commuters. My friend, a worker in the restaurant industry of Flushing, told me to expect more of that as many of the mom and pops are being priced out as soon as their leases run up. 唉! 

        1. oh that sucks, i like their AA Plaza for their bao zi

            1. re: DaveCook

              "seized by eminent domain."

              those four words have sickened me for going on three decades, since my first nyc apartment was wrested from under me just that way....