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Sep 30, 2013 08:08 AM

Mad. Sq. Eats

it started again this weekend and goes on all month. any favorites and any ones to avoid?

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  1. Anyone try the breakfast tacos from new vendor BrisketTown? Would love to hear how they are!

    1. In the spring roberta's was the favorite among all my friends- 8 or so of us went and tried lots of vendors. Red hook lobster rolls were great, only real clunkers were bad premade margaritas from calexico and the arancini vendor's were too dry and bland.
      Going this week, i'll report back any new info

      1. I was there the other day. Didn't try too many things because we came from the dumpling festival. Plus Ive been to MSE too may times the last few years.

        I went straight to the Briskettown/tacotown/Delaney whatever they called that day tacos and loved it. Got the brisket. Want to try the pulled pork next

        Porchetta from SD26 (another new vendor) was dry, bland, and no amount of oil and seasoning could save it. Other than that it was fantastic! SD is the reincarnation of San Domenico, former home to my favorite chef in the Caribbean's.

        Bee Sting from Roberta's as good as ever
        Lobster Rolls Ive had in the past - always good.
        Hong Kong Street Cart always has interesting items.
        Ilili no longer there but they have a kiosk nearby
        Bar Suzette - just ok crepes IMO
        Arancini - Not a fan
        Seoul Lee Korean - I need to try again, but with Delaney around its tough

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          Thanks for the warning on the porchetta at SD. I was going to try to get that tomorrow night

        2. The damage from yesterday.

          Mini doughnuts, Korean BBQ tacos and ice cream sandwiches.

          1. Just had the brisket tacos from the briskettown stand last night - very delicious.