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Sep 30, 2013 06:47 AM

Lively place for drink and good food near Penn Sta

Meeting some friends for drinks and food on Friday eve. They need to stay relatively close to Penn Sta. Looking for a lively atmosphere that we can also enjoy some good food. Mexican slop and below average bar food not on the docket.


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  1. A 10 minute walk would get you to The Breslin or The NoMad Hotel Library Bar, the latter being the better choice if you are looking for incredible cocktails along with awesome food. The Breslin has great food, good drinks, and a lively vibe.

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      Both are likely to be slammed Friday night though.

      Love the Library at the NoMad but the last few times I've gone, a good chunk of the tables have been reserved for hotel guests.

      1. re: kathryn

        True, unless they get there early, but on a Friday I think they'll have to deal with that regardless of where they go unless it's a complete dive (and even then ya never know).

    2. Guy Fieri's restaurant is an 8 block walk up 7th Ave to Times Square. The reviews are SO bad that it may be worth checking out as a goof.

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        'The reviews are SO bad that it may be worth checking out as a goof.'

        Poppi...we even think alike!
        Sometimes, it's all about the goof.

        Viva 916

      2. Is this for dinner? Or just some food and drink at the bar?

        Maybe Hanjan or Maysville? Both take reservations.

        1. If Korean is good for you guys, then K-Town is really close by. It'll certainly be lively as well on a Friday night.

          1. American Whiskey on 30th b/t 7+8 just opened two weeks ago, long list of you know what, food is passable for the immediate Penn Station area.

            Pennsylvania 6 on 31st b/t 6+7 is swankier, longer food menu.

            Lugo's in 1 Penn Plaza building on 33rd - probably try to get a reservation, it'll be crowded during happy hour.

            Hill Country is on the same block as Hanjan and Maysville.

            Anyone been Nick+Stef's steakhouse? Is that inside MSG? Given the construction on MSG, I've never been able to figure out where it is.

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              Nick+Stef's steakhouse currently closed for MSG construction.