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Sep 30, 2013 05:47 AM

Providence Rec

We hardly ever get to Providence but in November, I have arranged a 2 hour boudoir photo shoot for the Mrs. Following that we will be checking into the Renaissance Hotel and going to the Elton John concert that night. I am looking for someplace between the hotel and the DD Center for a great dinner. The Mrs. will have just had hair and makeup done and will have several stunning dresses to choose from for dinner. Suggestions? (for dinner that is, not the dresses)

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  1. Gracies is always my #1. Birch is awesome, Dorrance is also right up there. You can't go wrong with any of these. Do get reservations!

    1. Sounds like you have a lovely evening planned, jcanino! Since this is a special occassion kind of weekend, you probably want a special occassion kind of meal? I agree with Jennifer that Gracie's would be a top option. It's on Washington Street across from Trinity Rep. The cuisine and ambiance are both tops in downtown.
      While the food at Birch (right next door), is also exceptional, it's a very quirky "bar" atmosphere (I wrote a long review a few months ago that you can find on the board.) Personally, if I was getting dressed up in a stunning dress, I wouldn't want to spend my dinner perched at at the bar.
      The Dorrance is suitably elegant, however. It's in a converted bank on the corner of Westminster and Dorrance. I've had some mixed experiences for both food and service, but almost everyone else seems to rave about it, so what do I know?
      A (slightly) less pricy, but still elegant, option is Local 121. I absolutely adore the ambiance in the dining room, and the food is almost always solid with the possibility for the occassional great dish.
      Gracie's, the Dorrance, and Local 121 are all "new American" style restaurants, I'd say, with a strong local/farm-to-table philosophy. Portion sizes are smaller and there are lighter options (something I always appreciate when I'm dressed up and feeling good!)
      Between the Renaissance and the Dunk you have Ruths Chris steakhouse and Flemings steakhouse--they're chains, but if you're in the mood for more classic fare, I think either could fit the bill. Also, Ruths Chris is right on waterplace park, which is a nice location. Finally, you have the Capital Grille, another traditional chain that usually does right by the classics.

      1. Thank you Jennifer & Rhody! Yes, something nice is in order. I will check out Gracies, Dorance and Local 121. I am not a fan of Ruth's Chris. My wife's company has their Christmas party at Flemings here in CT since they have gotten to large to travel to NYC. I experienced Hartford's new Capital Grille prior to their grand opening and it was wonderful. I can see my wife dressed up there but would prefer to check out the locals.