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Sep 30, 2013 05:40 AM

Lunch/Dinner in Reading area???

We have an older aunt and uncle living in the Reading area and we would like to take them for a nice lunch or early dinner there. They live in the Wyomissing area where we will retrieve them and travel to anywhere within 30 mins. that might offer a nice venue and good food. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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  1. Looking back at some Zombie treads, when I had asked this question previously, kind area hounds did respond with recs. They included the Stouch Tavern in Womelsdort which is a 25 minute drive from my aunt and uncle. The Green Hills Inn also an easy drive which however is not open for lunch which is the arrived at plan. Stokesay Castle, a lovely venue we have use on previous occasions for Berks friends. Thus we will travel to Womelsdorf to the Stouch Tavern. A belated thankyou to those responding back upon my last request for help in Berks.