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Sep 30, 2013 02:16 AM

Bacaro, osteria, enoteca around Piazza S. Marco that serves meat cichetti?

Hi chow-lovers,

New here but glad I stumbled upon this board when looking for eating places in Venice.

I have a rather specific requirement: will be in Venice for NYE, arriving in VCE at 8pm, taking the water taxi to Piazza S. Marco and walking to our rental apartment beside the Basilica S. Marco. I reckon it would be around 10pm by the time we have settled in and realize we need to eat!

So my question is, can you recommend a bacaro, osteria or enoteca around Piazza S. Marco that serves meat cichetti for my non-seafood eating husband and 8-y.o.? Worst case, we can walk up to Hard Rock Cafe at the other end of PSM but that kinda defeats the purpose of coming to Venice, doesn't it? The reason why we have to stick around the PSM area is because we, of course, would like to catch the fireworks at midnight. Your suggestions would be much appreciated.


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  1. 10pm New Years Eve around San Marco will be a mob scene. If you can get in, Aciugheta on Campo Santi Fillipo e Giacomo is your best bet. On the same busy Campo is Cavatappi, an excellent bacaro but it is a small. The best food around the Piazza is at Osteria San Marco which has a bar for cicchetti. They might decide to stay open past their normal hours for for NYE. Other than those, not much else to recommend for good food near the Piazza. There are plenty of non-descript places for quick bites.

    1. You could try Cavatappi. But I would definitely call ahead and reserve. It's very close to PSM, but at least not in the thick of it.

      The problem with New Years Eve is that most places have a fixed menu that night.

      1. depending on where your apartment is (you said "behind the Basilica", you might be luckier if you tried to find a meal a little farther away from the Piazza. Do you have a more precise location?

        1. Like all bacari, Cavatappi does not take reservations; might make an exception for NYE, therefore, never hurt to try. If you are arriving by air, there is a good chance getting into Venice will be slow even by water taxi. If it were me and wanting to be at San Marco for the midnight firework, I wouldn't venture too far away. Stick around the Piazza and take what is available.