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Sep 29, 2013 10:24 PM

Firefly or Bistro Aix? [San Francisco]

Any preference between these two? Looking for a great bistro for a girls weekend getaway.

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  1. I have never been to Bistro Aix but years ago went to Firefly a few times, which I really enjoyed. It has a nice, cozy atmosphere and terrific food.

    1. I always enjoyed the spacious back patio at Bistro Aix - there was a remodel in 2010 and I am embarrassed to admit we haven't been to see it... we went with friends for several dinners and enjoyed the food and service.

      You'll have a fun evening with the girls at either Bistro Aix or Firefly but I will vote for Bistro Aix. Thanks for the reminder.
      Let us know where you dined.

      another option:
      Bistro Central Parc

      1. Is style of food a consideration? Have not been to Bistro Aix but the menu seems like timeless California Classic French. Recently, Firefly has taken a decided turn towards modern healthy Homestyle. Lots if quinoa, brown rice, leafy greens, smaller proteins, more vegetables. I've really enjoyed recent meals there but be aware it's not your typical bistro fare.

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          Unless the Bistro Aix menu has changed, the burger was delicious.
          This is a good neighborhood for exploring and shopping on Chestnut Street in the Marina.

          I recall that Firefly's fried chicken and brussel sprouts were on the 'must order' list.

          How many in your party? Where are you staying? car or public transportation?

        2. i would go to l'ardoise

          1. We are driving in from the South Bay. I frequently just park the car for the weekend & take taxis or buses if I know that parking will be difficult.
            From the description, I am now leaning towards Bistro Aix, where I already have a reservation vs Firefly. I cook pretty healthy at home & don't look for quinoa etc when going out... (Truffle fries though? Well yes!) I am quite partial to French Bistro food, being the Francophile that I am.

            I will check out L'Ardoise as well, I'm not familiar with it.

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              Francophile? Jacques Manuera at Bistro Central Parc will charm you and your friends.

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                While Aix might still be the better choice for you, I feel the need to elaborate on my prior comment. The ingredients Firefly uses are healthier, as is the ratio if protein to Veg. But their technique still elevates their food above that of most (no disrespect) home cooks and to me the culinary experience is unique in SF.