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Sep 29, 2013 09:18 PM

Hotel breakfast Buffet (or brunch buffet) that serves Western & Asian stuff?

Is there any hotel breakfast/brunch buffet in/around Vancouver that throws in a few dim sum items and noodles, on top of the usual Western stuff (fruits, cereal, omelettes)? I am looking for something along the lines of breakfast buffets in Hong Kong hotels. As far as dim sum goes, I'm not looking for super-high quality or extensive selection... just as long as there's a few average-quality items (eg, shumai, hargow) available. But we also want our fruits and cereal and pastries for breakfast,

Based on the research that I've done, it seems Cafe Pacifica is the only place that offers this. I'm wondering if there's anywhere else, because Cafe Pacifica only offers this for their Sunday brunch (which doesn't start till 11.30am) and because their brunch is so expensive. Thanks a lot!

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  1. You're looking at the casino buffets, then. River Rock being one, and Grand Villa Casino/Resort in Burnaby:

    My understanding is Grand Villa's is quite a bit better than River Rock's, but is also more expensive.

    But I don't know if they feature dim sum items occasionally or regularly.

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      I see. Thanks for the info. We have small kids, and feel a little weird about taking them into a casino restaurant. Worst-case, we'll wait till close to noon time on a Sunday and then shell out $52+tax/person for Cafe Pacifica.

      1. re: chowmouse

        There is also a lunch buffet at Griffins inside Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, and that space is quite kid-friendly too. They don't have dim sum:

        Mon-Sat lunch buffet:

        Sunday brunch:

        But is cheaper than Pacifica, albeit w/o Pacifica's views and ambiance. Just a thought.

        1. re: LotusRapper

          First page of the Business Section in the Vancouver Sun this morning: Griffin's is closing next month to make way for new retails spaces as the Hotel Vancouver undergoes a large renovation.

          1. re: islandgirl

            They (Griffins) have been on the decline for a few years now. I unashamedly admit I quite miss how they were, it was a no-brainer place to take the elderly parents and kid in tow. In fact, it was sort of a go-to place for us and my folks when we had major news to give them (marriage, new jobs, arrival of Jr, etc).

            For years the evening "appies" & desserts buffet was priced in the low-/mid-teens and while the food won't rock your world, it was much better than purple-hair patroned White Spot or the emerging casual fine-dining segment. The room had the old world grand hotel ambiance despite lacking the opulence of that era.

            Maybe I'm the only one here who'll miss Griffins' heyday !

            I hope all the staff will be able to find gainful employment elsewhere.

            1. re: LotusRapper

              i know what you mean - hey day - it was considered, at least in the interior decor sense with some decent predictability, at the forefront (we are over 350 in dog years, so that gives you idea of our generation)

              that's funny - your comment above re: news to the folks!

              we'd always go to Griffins for semi-enjoyable family reunion - updates, too! ; )

              there is no way we could have gone to the "emerging fine dining" or Earls/Milestones .... or Whitespot - tho we do get zoo sticks ; )

              i wish hotels like those with historic and venerable reputation (some of it less than proud, it used to be CN and Hilton) of H-Van would be responsive and market appropriate to the setting re: dining as opposed to reactive and jumping on the latest trends - kind of like being at the morning mtg and saying - i just read this in a trade mag/blog/etc and we should ... that is how it seems Fairmont runs their F and B.

              that reminds me - does Delta Vancouver Airport have a brunch menu? I have eaten there in the past year a few times (flights etc) - maybe not so good for kids in tow - as there is nowhere for them to be safely semi-supervised (river one side, driveway the other side) - and not the same convenient access via transit train as River Rock.

              1. re: Georgia Strait

                I've eaten @ that Delta a number of times-there's ho hum restaurant in the back and a sad sack brekkie 'buffet' in the lobby-to be avoided.

            2. re: islandgirl

              this is correct info about Griffins. I don't work there - i know someone who works in the downtown Fairmont's x 3.

          2. re: chowmouse

            We have taken the family to River Rock buffet in Richmond. The casino & hotel complex is located at the Bridgeport Canada Line station, so easy transport, even with kids.
            The buffet is located in the same building as the casino, but not "within" the casino, if it makes any difference for your family. I think the price for lunch was $27 for adults and $1/year for children. The seating area is quite bright and airy. There were high chairs and booster seats available for children. Families are quite common.

            1. re: KarenDW

              Haven't tried the buffet but my kids love the "train ride" especially if you can get a seat near one of the ends of the train and watch the track.

              1. re: islandgirl

                Those kinds of things to me are often worth eating at a resto even if the food is so-so. At least when the little people are having fun and occupied, us big people can actually eat, and chew, and taste .........

            2. re: chowmouse

              i am not an expert on Las Vegas or "gaming tribe" (I hope it's PC to say that - as far as i know, it's a term in CA) casinos

              the River Rock that other people have talked about here is pretty harmless by comparison to Temecula etc (or Vegas) - the Canada Line (aka train) that IslandGirl has already spoken of here is really quite fun - downtown to Richmond - make sure you get on the correct line for River Rock ... and ask your young people to figure out why some of the tunnel is rounded ceiling - and some is square ceiling - future engineers ; )

              bottomline - you have really asked something that we do not typically do in Vancouver (mixed buffet - remember those in HI resorts of the late 80's) - so you'll have to choose your best options based on other input here. Yes, if Griffins at the Hotel Vcvr is still open, i support that suggestion

              they are renovating. about time, not to mention the "tuscan" color scheme (hideous late 80's) we were tired of the old dining room being the only place to eat in for a sit-down in that entire HOTEL - and next to all sorts of different parties of all ages in same restaurant - it's got really hi ceilings (vintage building) and very loud and not all of us want to hear that "all ages" screaming and inter-generational debating next to our table where we have invited our elder parents who grew up going to that lovely old hotel and find it hard to hear in the best of times. I hope you understand this comment - it is not directed at you or anyone here - my point is that ... i hope the hotel designers read it and make something better than an omega watch store or clothing shop. (some of us remember 900 West - which is now part of the lounge, tho usually closed - and I bet that's some new F&B hire's idea to bring it back --- -then again, the old Timber Club - whole diff story ; )