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Sep 29, 2013 08:55 PM

going to the boat show...need help!

we have been to the Annapolis Boat Show before but it has been years...
need current info on restaurants...of course the seafood is a must...
but open to all great things! is there a Mediterranean style restaurant that someone mentioned was good?
thanks for all help!!

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  1. Osteria 177 on Main Street fits your category, but mainly Italian. Regardless, an excellent choice for a nice meal. In Eastport, Vin 909 is exceptional...crowded, and certainly one of the top places in town since your last visit.

    Another great new addition is the West Kitchen & Tavern in the Loew's hotel. Outstanding seafood with very creative menu and chef - Kevin. An awesome addition to the local scene.

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      thanks so husband just said they all go to Osteria every year and think it is great ...will try Vin 909...just can not deal with McGarveys!