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meat weight how accurate

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i got a nice sirloin tip roast marked 3.70 lbs. several days later i sliced it in 2 for a couple different recipes. one piece was 1 lb 8.8 oz and the other was 1 lb 15.5 oz for a total of 3 lb 8.3 oz, there was also 1 soaker pad and a little loose juice that i didn't weigh because at the time i was not interested. i used a digital kitchen scale that could be off but i never have noticed, when i use it it is for baking.
do you know if that weight discrepancy is typical (3.70 lb or 3 lb 11.2 oz vs my measure of 3 lb 8.3 oz)? only 3 oz difference, when figuring in my head it seemed more.

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  1. ALL the packaging and bloody serum is included in the 3.70#. Not having weighed all of it, you can't be sure there's a discrepancy. Since commercial scales are subject to periodic certification, if there's an inaccurate scale, it's almost certainly yours.

    1. Weigh a bag of sugar

      1. When meats are weighed for sale, they have to deduct what they call a "tare weight" which takes into account the packaging. It is usually a standard amount of ounces (or portions of an ounce), so might not be 100% accurate.

        1. I weigh nearly everything and it's usually accurate to within a few 10s of grams. The biggest difference in weight between product and package label is anything that's been frozen and defrosted loses 30-50ish grams. Otherwise, it's been spot on for me.