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Sep 29, 2013 08:48 PM

Orlando to Daytona Beach

Me and my Dad will be landing in Orlando and then driving over to Daytona Beach. We'll land around lunchtime and my Dad get's grumpy when he doesn't eat :-)

He's a simple kind of guy. He likes diner type food and places and cars. Is there any place between Orlando and Daytona Beach he might like?

I'd prefer it to be closer to Orlando than Daytona. (See the grumpy part above). Even if it takes a little off the straight shot to Daytona is fine.

Prefer something "local" versus a chain.

Thanks! (I will look at the board for recs in Daytona--looks like we will have no problem there...)


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  1. It might help if you posted your airport to Daytona route.

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    1. re: cavandre

      Hi. I just go however my GPS tell me to go :-)
      Looks like I-4 to FL-600 East.

    2. There are a number of chains along your route. And the Ravenous Pig isn't too far away, but takes some getting off the I-4 and manuevering throught downtown Orlando to get to..

      But if your father is really hungry getting off the plane, head to the Hyatt inside the airport and go to McCoy's Grill.

      Otherwise it's only a little over an hour to Daytona Beach and the Brickyard right on International Speedway (Rte600) between I-95 and US Rte 1) with its great burgers is worth the wait. Grab him a candy bar to tide him over.