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Sep 29, 2013 08:07 PM

Blue Jacket, Milwaukee

Blue Jacket is just the type of place I've been looking for when visiting Milwaukee over the past several years: excellent regional food including lake fish.

The fried smelts satisfied a craving I've had for years. You can't get decent smelt in San Francisco. These were excellent small smelts with a great frying job. The fried orange peel was a fun and tasty touch. The dipping sauce was nice, but after so long without good smelt it was more of a distraction this time.

The whitefish was another hit, served with some awesome chanterelles, a delicious sherry squash broth, some salty guanciale, and carmelized onions. A very nice combination of flavors to complement some good lake fish.

The draft beer selection was short but very well selected. The 3 Sheeps Really Cool Waterslides IPA was a particularly nice great with a crazy name.

There were lots of other great looking local options on the menu. I'll be back to try more!


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  1. Try some of the cocktails next time, they're also quite good.

    1. "You can't get decent smelt in San Francisco."

      Great report on Blue Jacket, Michael! You can indeed get not only decent but very good smelt in San Francisco. It is almost always one of the appetizers we order at Kokkari Estiatorio.