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Sep 29, 2013 05:14 PM

Anniversary dinner in Houston

Looking for a restaurant to celebrate our 20th anniversary in Houston and welcome suggestions on something unique and nice. Hidden gem that is worth the money is our goal.

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  1. Well, these are not particularly hidden, but two places that come to mind are Rainbow Lodge and Da Marco. I'm a big fan of both for celebrations (although my meal at Da Marco was one of the most expensive I have ever had). Another place that I've heard a lot of talk about recently is the Restaurant Cinq at La Colombe D'Or. Is there a particular type of food/atmosphere that you are looking for?

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      Open to any and all food. Good service, good value. We don't mind the expense if it's 'worth' it. Like to experiment.

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        I have been paralyzed trying to decide where to take my GF for her birthday. My regulars aren't hers and she far less curious than I when it comes to new and esp ethnic. A couple of days ago I stopped by the Choclate Bar and realized it had been years since I'd been to Divino, so I made a Rez for Wednesday! I had the best risotto of my life there and recalled the wonderful warmth and glow of the room. The list of the new and old stand-by's was long but I've settled for a small and cozy restaurant to celebrate her birthday!
        Some u might consider; Mark's, Reef, chez nous, Post Oak grill, Ibiza, brasserie 19, Vic & Anthony's.. Happy 20th!!!

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          We had great service at Uchi when we celebrated last year's anniversary, and the food was excellent. Definitely worth it. We celebrated my birthday at Oxheart in June--also great service, but I have realized I find tasting menus a little exhausting. We arrived at 6:50 and didn't leave until 10:30, and while the food was incredibly interesting, I was dragging by the time it was over. This year, we went more mellow for our anniversary and went to the Queen Vic, which is one of our faves--great cocktails and craft beer, food that I love (particularly the fisherman's curry), nice but casual atmosphere. I also personally like America's for a celebratory meal, although I know people have mixed thoughts about the quality there. Oh, and bornie mentioned Vic & Anthony's--we celebrated an anniversary there a few years ago and it was very nice, really excellent service and delicious steaks. Very classic.