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Nov 19, 2004 10:48 AM

Austin's best happy hours & appetizers?

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Hi All,

I could use some suggestions on great happy hour offerings, and any with discounted eats is a plus. Downtown is the preferred destination for this weekend, but I'm also interested in other great places too for future reference.

To get things started, last week the friends and I finally made it over to the Roaring Fork. The food and atmosphere was as good as I expected, although I was a little disappointed (in myself) that I waited too long to try the $6 apps happy hour menu. They still do the all night happy hour in the bar, but not all of appetizers are $6 anymore. We split the burger and an order of crab cakes. The burger was HUGE (we split it 3 ways) and was very good. But the star that evening was the crab cakes. Man were those good. Nice and spicey (almost too spicey for one friend), and lots of crab. The server was very knowledgable about the menu and helped steer us to our choices. It was a tough choice between the burger and the pan de campos (ie, cowboy pizza), so we'll have to go back soon to see if we chose correctly. For dessert, the friends ordered the pumpkin cheesecake and really enjoyed it. I'm not much of a pumpkin fan, so my opinion of it is worthless. ;-)

So where else should we try? I've heard that Eddie V's does a good happy hour. Any input?

Thanks all.

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  1. Yes, Eddie V's is great. Try the crab cake--a bargain at 6.00 during happy hour, as well the seared ahi tuna.
    Jeffrey's is now also doing 1/2 priced appetizers during happy hour. The fried oysters are to die for--one of Austin's best appetizers for over 10 years. Don't fix it if it isn't broken.

    1. Manuels in the 400 block of Congress has 1/2 price appetizers every day from 4 - 7. Drink prices aren't great, but the food is. They also have a location on Jollyville Road between Braker and Great Hills.

      1. Saba Blue Water at 4th and Colorado has signiture drinks and tapas for something insane ($4 I think?). I really like it and it's a fun atmosphere. Overlooks Cedar Street which has great live music. It takes itself far less seriously than Malaga which I find a little stuffy.

        1. Try 219 West- 1/2 price appetizers and $4-$7 martinis from 4-9p Late! Baby Acapulco all day HH on Mon & Tues and until 7p Wed-Fri drink specials on margaritas & beers and a few 1/2 price app deals- nachos, queso. El Mercado (quite a few locations in Austin) has a free HH taco bar (quite good) & decent drink specials on house margs and beer. Let me know if you've found any other great HH deals- my friends and I are always looking.