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Sep 29, 2013 01:23 PM

It's All GRK Authentic Gyros, at 756 Queen W

Has anyone tried this place? It's a gyros joint, that also has biftekia, Greek fries, salads, etc.

When I walked past today, I checked out the menu on the chalkboard inside. I like the way the menu is laid out, in that you've got a choice of having your choice of meat in a pita, on salad, as a dinner. A la carte skewers of meat are $3.75, which seems reasonable. Full dinners are around $17-$18.

Overall, prices are a little high compared to Pape or Danforth prices, but Queen W is a higher rent location, so I don't have a problem spending a couple extra bucks on Queen W. The menu, listed on a chalkboard (no online menu yet, afaik) was fairly similar to the menu at Folia. I'm planning to try the biftekia and Greek fries next time I'm in the neighbourhood.

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  1. We've tried a few times and have thoroughly enjoyed. I had the greek salad with chicken and Mr.Butcher had the pork gyros on a pita. Portion sizes are v good for the price. Love the decor. Only negative is that the staff/owners seem overwhelmed by how busy they've been. Early days though - they will get it together.

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      Thanks! Looking fwd to trying out their menu.

    2. BlogTo wrote a review the other day. It actually looks pretty good. Here's the link:

      1. I tried the bifteki with salad, which was good, and the potatoes, which were ok,which had an overboiled potato texture rather than an oven cooked in sauce texture, served with a little too much lemon/evoo sauce, which had an almost sweet taste.

        The bifteki was moist, and better than the last rather dry order of bifteki I had at the Ouzeri. I liked that this bifteki wasn't as salty as the Folia version I tried, but I haven't tried the Folia version in the last year, or since the change in ownership, so I might revisit Folia soon to compare their current bifteki to to the one at It's All GRK.

        I'd go back to try the gyros, and would get the bifteki and the salad again. They were out of tirokefteri, which made me wonder if they might be outsourcing their dips. Nice to have this place downtown. Went to Sud Forno afterwards for pastry and a coffee. Turns out Sud Forno is open until 9 pm- not too many bakeries with interesting pastries seem to be open that late.

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          Funny, I tried this place a few weeks ago and attempted to order the tirokafteri - the person taking my order said they weren't serving it yet because they were still waiting for the equipment to make it. Which I thought was a strange statement, given that it's basically just feta mixed with peppers.

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            Yep, that's pretty much it. All the equipment that's needed is a food processor and a spoon/ silicon spatula. :)