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Sep 29, 2013 12:32 PM

Cheeses by Old Chatham Sheepherding Co. [Hudson Valley, NY]

With several recent mentions by "teezeetoo" of Old Chatham, I realized I'd not had a cheese from this producer for some time. Please tell us about your favorites.

Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert
Kinderhook Creek – 14oz wheel
Ewe’s Blue
Fresh mixed sheep & cow's milk ricotta - 4 lbs
Sheep's milk yogurt

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  1. The Nancy's camembert is the only one I've had, and it's really great: the sheep's mild gives it a much more luxurious (less rubbery) texture.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Sounds tasty, it was described to me as "earthy, like mushroomy really earthy." :)

    2. Very timely, on my adventure in the world of soft cheeses this past weekend, my favorite cheesemonger at Whole Foods recommended the Camembert as simply outstanding. It's on my list to try. I didn't see any of the other products but will be on the lookout. I didn't try the Camembert but would be interested to hear others' thoughts on it.

      1. I love the camembert and the Ewe's Blue from Old Chatham (also love a sheep from Wisconsin, think it's called Okooch (?), semi-soft, full flavor). Sheep's milk cheeses (to me) have a grassy, slightly sour flavor with a bit of salt to them that I like a lot. I have to say that one of my friends dislikes the particular flavor and you have to try to see if it works for your palate.

        1. I've had Ewe's Blue from two different stores. Each was of B+ or A- quality. I like blue cheeses like this that spread easily.