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Sep 29, 2013 09:41 AM

Flushing Ramen suggestions for this fine fall day

Would love to get a bowel of ramen today in Flushing but not sure where to go. Any suggestions? We've only had ramen in Manhattan and Brooklyn, never Queens.


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  1. Most, if not all the good ramen in this city is located in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Not aware of any recommendable ramen in Queens. The place in Astoria seems suspect, but gets decent reviews.

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      Thanks, that's what we thought... wishful thinking. Another time!

      1. re: arugala

        Forget the ramen! Here in Flushing, we have noodles galore!

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            ... I wrote a huge post and somehow closed Google Chrome... and I'm too lazy to rewrite the whole thing, so I'll keep it short and simple!

            Kissena and Holly, half a block farther from Roosevelt, there's a small Fujian restaurant called T&T (天天福州小吃)。 It's down an alley and it can be hard to find but it's just north of the parking lot of Golden City. Peanut noodles are quite good, so is most of their other stuff. Dumplings and wontons are both standouts. It's cheap, dive-y and great for a lunch or a snack. You will probably need to point as most of them only speak Mandarin and Fujianese.

            In the Golden Mall, there are two:

            Lanzhou Handmade Noodle (蘭州拉麵) are wildly popular. Often, there's a struggle for seats. Definitely a top it's-Tuesday-night-and-I-am-too-tired-to-cook spot.

            Lamb Noodle Soup (滋補羊肉燴面) is quite good. The sign says "Lamb Noodle Soup."

            I'm sure others can point you to better places. I know Biang! is popular, as is Xi'an (across the way from Lanzhou's), but I've only eaten at each once and left disappointed, so I'm not sure. There's also Korean noodles like jajangmyeon around, though I can't really point you in any particular direction with those. Szechuan restaurants will all have their dan dan noodles, but again, can't give any suggestions. Browse the threads for places like Lao Cheng Du and Little Pepper if you're interested in those. There are quite long back and forths over the restaurants.