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Sep 29, 2013 09:41 AM

Just me or iO7 glitch?

It may or may not be related to the upgrade I just did to iOS7 on my iphone 4 but paging back from my profile list of latest replied to topics Seems to take me to 'all discussions' instead of back to my personal profile slats reply listing. I also can't click on my name to get there as I'm used to doing. Wazzup?

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  1. Hi Midlife,

    I'm a bit confused about which pages you're referring to. What is the page you are starting from, where are you navigating to, and what is the button you're clicking to get there?

    Dave MP

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    1. re: Dave MP

      I haven't had time to really get into the new profile page updates so it may be that. I had just gotten to like the last reply listing showing which topics had been replied to since the last time I viewed them. Now I don't seem to see he same functionality. I think what I'm seeing is the listing of ALL topics I've viewed regardless of whether there are new replies. All topic names are bolded when I thought only those with new replies should be. Two things to add: 1) the page says "All Discussions" under my name; 2) what seems like that same page sometimes DOES show bold as well as grayed topic names and I don't think I'm doing anything different to get there.

      If this isn't clear enough I'll try to go through it and make some notes when I have more time.

      1. re: Midlife

        Hi Midlife,

        It sounds like you're sometimes experiencing the logged-in view of the site, and other times viewing the logged-out view.

        For mobile phone:

        Make sure you are logged into CHOW by going to the mobile drawer (press the red button w/ three white lines) and then logging in. When you are logged in, it should say "Welcome Back Midlife" at the top of the drawer.

        For ipad:

        Make sure you are logged into CHOW by looking in the top right of any page. When you are logged in, it should say "Midlife" there, along w/ a dropdown.

        Once you're logged in, you should be seeing grayed out discussions if you've already read them, and bold if they are new.

        When you're logged out, everything will appear bold w/ a white background.

        1. re: Midlife

          Midlife, right after I installed IOS7 on my Ipad, I was having a problem staying logged into CH because I had selected the "private" option on Safari, which is new with IOS7. I presume that option prevents cookies from loading (Dave???), so you cannot stay logged into CH if you opt for "private." So, everytime I opened CH I had to log-in.

          1. re: masha

            Yes, masha is correct. Browsing the web in "private" mode means the browser won't save cookies, and that means you'd have to login every time.

            I have edited my response, above, to account for both ipad and mobile phone.

          2. re: Midlife

            If I'm getting to my profile page using what I think is the same iphone Safari link every time, why would it take me to these two views at different times? What I'm doing is typing a 'c' into the Safari browser window and going to the pho file link that shows as a search result. The link is truncated, so it MAY NOT be the exact same URL each time. May have to figure out how to use bookmarks as quickly instead. Bookmarks, on an iphone, are not as simple as on IE or Firefox on my PC.

            1. re: Midlife

              If you spend a lot of time on CH, you can use the "Add to Home Screen" option in iOS, which will put an icon on your home screen that will go directly to the page that you created it from.

              1. re: PeterCC

                Wow! Thanks!!!! Now we're talking. Perfect!