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Sep 29, 2013 09:34 AM

Side a pork / beef/ lamb in YYC?

Hi guys,

Where do you get your meat in bulk? I have purchased side of beef, but would like to know where others buy and what they pay?

I am looking for good sources to get side a lamb and side a pork, as well as some chickens.

My side of beef is grass fed and finished. I also get pasture chickens from the same farm. BUT what are pigs and lambs intended to eat? Should I be looking for grass fed and finished pork and lamb as well?

Thank you

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  1. When I was living in Calgary I used to get my bulk lamb directly from Big Sky Lamb ( The are still listed on the Alberta Lamb Producers website ( but I can't seem to get to their website.

    It has been about 4 years since I last ordered but I used to get half a lamb twice a year and was quite happy with both the quality and quantity of meat in each order.

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      Thank you vanderb,
      I have difficulties opening the website as well. Would you happen to know what they fed their lamb or even what lamb and pork are supposed to be eating ideally?

      1. re: Allenkii

        I'm sorry it's been a while, I'm pretty sure they were grass fed for the majority of their time but may have been finished with a grain.

        The Big Sky people were always friendly on the phone, maybe give them a ring and see if they know about their website problem(?).

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          Thank you, I will give them a call.
          Any suggestions regarding pork farms? I know there are many around, but I cannot decide which one to go with. I got side a pork from Red Lake Butcher last year and I was not happy with it at all - the meat was rather chewy and tough, wrapping was no good (started getting freezer burned within 6 months, and they did not cut it to my specifications...

          1. re: Allenkii

            Sorry, nothing for pork by the side. We used to buy a little free range pork from a vendor at the old Calgary Farmer's Market but I don't remember the name or know if they are at the new CFM.

            Good luck hunting.

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              I am guessing that is Spragg's.

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                Broek Pork Acres They used to have a stall at the old CFM across from Blush Lane, but it looks like they didn't reopen when CFM moved-they deliver though, I'd give them a call.

      2. How about Spragg's ( for -pork? I have never bought a side but their meat is great.

        Chickens, I know that Bowden's ( chickens are good. Sunworks ( are certified organic but I have only tried their sausages.

        Where do you get your beef? We used to get BiteBeef but they are "done" (i.e. not producing for at least one year).

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          Thank you!

          I will definitely look into Spragg's pork, maybe will grab a package at the farmers market to try it first.

          Bowden's chickens are grain fed, so they are out for me and looks like Sunworksfarm is feeding grain as well :(

          I get my beef and chickens at PuraVida beef, but would like to find several more farms

        2. Oh sorry, and regarding finishing pigs and lamb: Pigs do eat everything, so I guess that's a little different. I would say free range is the goal here. Lamb, I am not 100% sure, but I would think grass fed.
          Chickens are naturally eating grass and any insects, so I wouldn't go for grain fed/finished necessary but free range again.