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Sep 29, 2013 09:23 AM

Recent visit to Maine - Jameson Tavern Rave

I've just returned from my annual eating trip to Maine. I won't go into those favorites that have already been thoroughly reviewed on this site (Duckfat, Eventide, Bob's, Harraseeket L&L) except to say they were all great.

Jameson Tavern in Freeport was an absolute delight, so much so that we ate there 3 times during our short visit. Each time we shared the mussels in tomato sauce appetizer. The mussels themselves were the best I have ever eaten, so plump and juicy and fresh. The sauce was so good we kept it after the mussels were gone just so we could dip our bread. We had the lobster stew, a lobster roll and a steak and scallop special (my diehard carnivore friend had maxed out on seafood) and everything was beautifully cooked and seasoned. The service was a little uneven but unflaggingly cheerful and enthusiastic. I spoke with the hostess who said business had been great, especially with the locals. When she said she was worried about the upcoming winter season I thought she meant lack of business but her concern was quite the contrary; she was worried that the small space would not accommodate the number of prospective diners. What a great problem for a new restaurant to have! I was a big fan of Fisherman's Grill and was hoping Tom had not bitten off more than he could chew with this new venture, but it appears he has everything under control. Yay!

A few other notes:

The lobster rolls from the Bite into Maine food truck in Cape Elizabeth could very well be my all time favorites (although the bluebird day and the glorious view from our picnic table might have contributed to that impression :<) ).

Also, we shared a very tasty snack of jerk chicken and meat patties at the roadside Jamaican stand in/near York. I've driven by this place many times but never stopped; I'm glad my friend insisted we try it. Sometimes I need to be saved from my singleminded focus on seafood when I visit Maine.

Thanks to everyone on this board for your suggestions over the years!

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  1. Thanks for the note. Jameson's was terrible for so long that it's great to hear that a new owner/chef has made the place so much better. Will make a note to try it soon.

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      Great write-up.... Thank you
      My experience was a little different at Jameson a month ago.
      Service was great but the haddock dinner had way way too much batter on the fish to enjoy. This reminded me that they were trying to hide something. I loved Tom's cookin at Fishermans Grill so we tried Jameson's and it was not the same. Servings were huge and very reasonably priced. My only complaint was the heavy batter...