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Sep 29, 2013 08:07 AM

did I leave this pork butt in oven too long?

Left a tamworth pork butt in oven overnight @ 200 F. When I woke up, 9 hours later or so, the internal temperature was 209 F, but the meat was now resting in a rather deep layer of melted fat (about an inch deep).

Have I destroyed this? Right now I'm letting it rest for a while, so I haven't tried pulling it yet. (last time it took 12 hours to reach 190 so I figured I'd be safe leaving it unattended for 8-9 hours)

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  1. Looks good to me, although maybe a bit dry. The fat that rendered is good, that means the collagen broke down as well. Did you have it covered for the last part of the cooking, or uncovered the whole time? Let us know how it came out.

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    1. re: JMF

      uncovered the whole time. Will start pulling soon, and report back. thanks for the reply!

    2. At least one of your thermometers is inaccurate - if the oven was actually 200, that's as high as the temp of the meat could get.

      Since it was uncovered, I expect it will be dry but if you turn the drippings into a large volume of sauce (add beer, cider, and/or low-sodium broth and let the sliced or shredded meat bathe in that for several hours, it will be moister.

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        Switching from a low end electric stove to a commercial electric stove, I kept burning everything in the oven. Finally bought an oven thermometer and found out it was off by 75 degrees F. Temperature sensor was replaced under warranty and calibrated.

        A quick fix for dry meat for me has always been juicy cole slaw or BBQ sauce. I have friends who swear by dunking the burnt parts into rum. But then my social circle has a bunch of mariners in it.

        1. re: greygarious

          my thoughts exactly. I checked the probe thermometer and it's fine. The last time I looked at the oven thermometer was before I went to bed and it seemed to be hovering around 200, and it is possible that it is either inaccurate, or that the oven changed temperature by the morning (I didn't look at temperature in morning).

          The meat pulled very well, there was only a very small portion of the butt that was a bit dry. Upon closer inspection, there was a huge amount of fat to begin with, so it's likely that most of the pool of melted fat was from that directly.

          I'm soaking the shredded meat in the juices right now. How long can I risk keeping it out before refrigerating it?

          Again, thanks for all the help.

          1. re: spacediver

            A long time. Fully cooked meat like that is pretty low risk of spoiling.
            If you are serving it today I would not refrigerate it.
            Are you not serving it today?

            1. re: chefj

              No am not serving it all today. This is dinner for me for the next 6 days or so (plus giving away a bit to friends).

              I suppose there's no point in keeping it out, other than to allow the juices to soak the meat right now.

          2. re: greygarious

            An oven set at 200f will vary by +/- 30f at any given time. 200 is the average temp. Unlike a sous vide water oven

          3. You should smoke your Pork Butt to 195 internal, wrap in tin foil. It will be moist an hold for hours. If you got it to 209 you shouldn't let it rest as it will go up another 5 degrees, You should pull it immediately to cool it down, with sauce it should be fine!

            1. In answer to how long, it's smoked meat, you can leave it out for a few hours at least, keep it covered.

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