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Sep 29, 2013 07:41 AM

Counter-service gastropubs in Austin

Can you guys provide some recommendations for gastropub-style places with counter service? I'm looking for solid food and a similar vibe/experience to places like Whip In, Hopfields, Drink.Well., Thai Fresh...

I know Thai Fresh doesn't really fit into the gastropub category, but I feel like it can be a similar experience to the other examples listed...very laid back (and yummy curry!)

Haven't been to Black Star Co-op yet, but plan to check it out soon. Does it fit the bill? Where else?

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  1. Turf and Surf at Lavaca St. Bar.
    Black star has good food and tons of beers on tap.

    1. On the same street as Drink.Well is Workhorse. It leans more toward traditional bar food, but it's done pretty well. Excellent tap selection.

      Vino Vino may fit the bill if you get a seat at the bar (and you like wine)

      Also check out Epicerie. I had a mushroom tagliatelle there once that was absolutely killer.